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  • hey debbie
    you having a good bnk holiday weekend?
    im going to tunisian friends for dinner tonight
    cant wait.
    hope all good with you and majdi.
    dont know yet cos today was just a maelstrom of stress and emotions.
    not to mention taking in all teh new info and stats.

    when i told him the good news today he told me "it was his god who helped me"
    dont think "allah" has power over the funding council but you never know!
    hey debbie
    just a wee nessage to say that i am keeping my job!!!!
    i was one of four managers at risk but i am keeping my department which covers english, lanaguages and social sciences and i am now the new head of computing!!!!!!!

    am relieved but also confused, hmmmm.
    night missis.
    im away to look for some "power clothes" for tomorrow's meeting.
    will let you know
    hey debbie
    how are you?
    yes, im missing himself so much but rather preoccupied because we find out tomorrow about the job cuts!
    fingers crossed altho' fate will decide, i guess.

    im hoping to get out beginning of june but dont know yet if i will be allowed - flights are already going up from 150 to over 250 so i need to book soonish.
    what a shame you missed zumba - never mind - im sure jasmine keeps you active.
    have a good day tomorrow
    hiya, gonna leave from Genoa the 16/07 and back the 19/08 and with 36 hours leave in advance from UK...I do live in Oxford what about you ? Regards, Anis
    Hi Debbie, Just read your post, glad you had a great time, we are going week sunday, was just interested what area your hubbies cousin was attacked? I usually go all over everywhere but realise not this trip especially on my own. Shall be careful even with my husband though he is a bit of a mountain man. Can never be too careful though.
    Hiya there. been trying to call ur man but was not possible to get hold of him, anyway here's my phone # 07763819666...I am going to Tunisia this summer too
    Haha!! No worries ;-) Hope you have a fantastic time in Tunisia.. so jealous!!
    hey hon, are you packed?
    just spoke to hamdi, he is soooo excited bout me coming but more excited to meet you guys, hmmmm....
    text me on uk phone to tell me what weather is like, pls.
    have a great trip and get to bed, missis.
    what hotel you in?
    hiya debbie.hope you and the family are all well.thanks so much for the message.yess i have been in tunsia.been bak 2 weeks and not been on here.i was having a **** time,ive only just came on now.going back in may if i can afford it lol.its to much..take care have a nice day godbless xxxxx
    Hey Deb, Happy Mothers Day, I'll give you a call tonight if thats ok xxx
    Hiya and thanx, yeah I know what you mean, what am I going to do when he is here lol, I am always looking for flights and saving to go and see him and im always stressed cos im missing him so much. I will probs be the same and wishing for all the exitement of visiting him again. XXX
    just read this now - it made me laugh.

    "You won't believe............. He said to me, should we have a big party with a band for when Elaine arrives at Zarmdine. Hope you don't mind, I said .............. erm NO."

    ha hahahahah - tell hubby i have had enoigh of big parties and we wlil buy him a beer/coffee/drink of choice when we escape zeramdine and come to monastir to see you!!! i arrive late 10th so prob 11th or 12th
    am sooooo excited bout dress and got gorgeous wee tiara as well. am proper bride and raring to go!!
    here is web address for dress
    Hiya yeah im there a lot, ive just come back 10 days ago and im going again in may. My husband was refused his visa in feb so its been a nightmare absolutely broke my heart. I have a solicitor now who said he should never have been refused but this is what they do. She is trying to get decision overturned bit I doubt they will so will be going to court she reckons july/aug. I need him here with me I miss him so much. Take care xxx
    HI Debbie, yes think Primark was there but Lewiss was open, only one I`d ever seen apart from years ago in Leicester where i was from. Yes went to many places, the wine bar where lots of TV people go in old bank maybe, the Irish/American bar, Seel St, Symphony Hall then the Theatre Bar. Went with friends and hubbie, sometimes stayed in city sometimes at Hoylake. Sometimes had to have a drink so early to keep warm lol, could be nippy especially up by Albert Docks. Friendly, zany people, many laughs.
    Hi just had a glance at your pics, all lovely, your little girl is a bundle of joy.
    Understand your avatar now seeing where you`re from, is that wonderful Spanish shoe shop still on the main shopping street in town? Not been in Liverpool for awhile was under it`s spell for a few years, had some great times.
    Hiya, popped by to have a nosey at ur pics, they r lovely, xxxx
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