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  • Typical Tunisian Man !! LOL
    how could they answer if bank holiday?
    they are awful!!!!!!
    thats not so good re passport.

    all you can do is ask embassy to send you fax copy of passport to prove its ready so that you can hassle dhl.
    or even if they could show you on skype its ready.

    tell them you will come in person in a taxi and expect them to cover costs.
    hey missis
    just read your post - what a bloody cheek these birds have!
    are they sooo narrow minded???

    so 10 years is ok but 11 not!!!
    hamdi and i f****ed then by their measure!

    they need to look at the bigger picture indeed.
    Hi Debbie, Yes I'm fine thank you! How are you? If you search at the internet you will find a lot about it, because he camps are still there and there are a lot off people. I have been at the border and the Sousha Camp last Tuesday with the Dutch Minister. The organisations needs urgently money, otherwise will the last flight to take people home at Sunday and that would be terrible offcourse! So I hope there comes a solution!
    cant wait. will text you my tune moby numer when i get there
    hey debbie
    we finish last week in june but bcs 'im a manager i have to take annual leave which means i will work first two weeks of july.
    ramadam is all august!!!!!
    if i still have a job im back at work around 6th august
    ramadan starts 1st august!!!!
    when you going?
    we're looking at 27 july
    Yes we first looked and 10 days thomsons = £550 then suddenly £341 now £460 stroke of luck. Going back to hotel Marhaba Beach. Rented a place in Oct.
    Yeah I am really annoyed. They could at least respond instead of just procrastinating on the whole thing. I told them how much publicity I've actually given them by posting all over the place, and how much effort I've put into this. And they still can't even respond. I think that's very disrespectful. Hope they won't come up with some weird excuse this time too. Or I will have my journalist friend give them bad publicity all over my country ;)
    Thanks Debbie ,Anouar now has a reason to live lol.......only joking he's not feeling that bad.....yet lol He's spoken to your hubby and they are arranging to meet.:) we're off to Tunisia on Sunday for a week but will contact you on our return.Thanks again your an angel :))
    Hey :) No I didn't.. I emailed them several times. The first time they said they'd get back to me in 24 hours. I gave them a week and emailed them again. They just responded that they'd get back to me shortly. And that was like 2 weeks ago now I think. Since then, I've emailed them and asked them legit questions about the new contest too, but no response. So yeah, definitely not happy with their way of handling this by just ignoring people or dragging things out, so maybe people will forget..
    just realised that i described the job rather negativley but my seive like mind forgot that lol...thanks for the support anyhow :) xxx
    Hi Debbie :), neither of us are ashamed of his job...we are happy he has found work so quickly :) I am sorryyour husband felt that way but I am so glad it has led to a really exciting career!!! We are both just so happy now to be together xxx
    Hey Deb, how are you?? Hope you are feeling much bettter, speak soon xxx
    thats great re parcel.
    no snow for us here but maybe at gatwick so fingers crossed!
    i fly to london tues night then tunis weds 9am and back the following weds.

    i promise not to wear the tracky as it wouldn't look good with my heel!!!!
    am going wedding dress shopping and just spending time together - i miss H so so much.
    HI Elaine. City Link are delivering the parcel and have confirmed that it will be delivered to college on Monday. I hope there's no weekend snow forecast your way!

    Noooooooo, please don't wear the tracksuit. Vicky Pollard you are not.

    Are you going for 1 week this trip, what have you got planned? I might go the last week in August, I haven't been for 2 years
    no probs i might wear the tracky!!!!!

    you dont need to put money with it - we are family and maybe can meet up one day.
    i sure you would love a weekedn at the beach in scotland!!!

    will it arrive on time do you think?
    im leaving 4pm tuesday
    have a good day.
    call you later
    HI Elaine. Yes, I will do. He'll phone home to check with his brother first, he's a bit out of touch with taxi prices, I used to do that journey, but he used to hire a car. I've ordered a parcel collection from home tomorrow, the cheeky so and so has bought a track suit to put with it. I told him off and told him no more. Is that okay with you? Anyway, he said he'll put 20dinar in the parcel as a thank you, you can put that towards your taxi. He won't be home from work until after midnight, so it will be tomorrow before I get back to you with a taxi price x
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