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  • hi debbie
    can you ask your hubby how mucha a taxi from tunis to zeramdine would be?
    Hi Debbiezebbes :)
    Yeah I think it's american time, so I'm guessing it ends around 6 am UK and Danish time.. maybe a little before that.. :)
    call me ....................
    no probs missis. no idea bout petrol station - family live beside lavage - address is cher de la liberter

    heres my moby number so you can let me know

    cant wait to meet doggy - will take some bonio treats and some noisy toys!
    Hi honey,

    No i'm back, i went fri - wed only 5 nights, it was lovely :)

    Thanks for that link, i will check it out....

    No work yet, i've handed my notice in at other place and waiting on a start date from a new job :)

    Hope everything is good with you xx
    hi Debbie
    i will be in Zeramdine from 23rd feb for a week.
    do you need anything taken over, etc?
    let me know.
    the outfit was mental!! i look a right dollop but hey it made his mum happy.

    we planned to get married this october but with all the crap we lost a lot of visa evidence - it went up in smoke at sousse police station!
    as forthe wedding he wants a huge party - the engagement was mental but i like a quiet life.

    you guys look so happy and your wee one is gorgeous!!!
    its v small, not much but we go out on the moped so im seen a lot.
    just found a photo of fatma so uploaded it.
    i was there this october, november and new year.
    got back 9th jan just before it kicked off!

    we had a flat in sousse but always see the family regularly (3 times in a fortnight this time!)

    im quite well known in Zeramdine as the "european wife"
    if you add me as friend you will see some of my engagement pics!
    dont recognise anyone but then i tend to be surrounded by his family.
    fatima is lovely - we tend to chat together in french.

    god, what a small world
    wats your hubbys name?
    i know, ive seen the photos!

    iim engaged to Hamdi, the second youngest son.
    no way - do you know the family well?
    hi Debbie
    my fiance's family is from Z so i spend every hol there.
    do you know the Znati family?
    You did it again I nearly didnt check! lol
    Goodnight, sweet dreams. Have fun tomorrow :D xx
    I realised that!! Silly me. Anyway I will say goodnight now, I'm heading out early tomorrow to Gullivers World winter wonderland in Warrington to see Santa.. Sweet dreams
    Oh you meant they dont go out, yeah my SIL and nephew stayed home or came around MILs house but dont think they would actually go out anywhere, S said something about them being scared he would get ill!
    Aw Jasmine is so cute bless her!
    Btw you are writing back on your own wall so I wont get notification x
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