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  • It might just be a tradition in their family, but in saying that, the hotel staff and shop locals were also amazed that she was so young and out and about.
    That's Jasmine, they're not babies for long, enjoy it while it lasts..
    I didnt know that about the baby thing when I was there oct/nov his nephew was only few weeks old, but was with mum constantly and they hardly went out, but he was only a few weeks so I dont know if its changed since x
    Thought I would pop by here for a chat, rather than get rudely interrupted!
    Aw who is that in the swimming pool?x
    Hi Debbie,

    Yes, i am starting to doubt everything now!!.. i have just had row with him on phone and i think largely down to my paranoia based on my reading this forum and everyone telling me about alarm bells...

    I dont wanna be made a fool out of but at the same i dont wanna throw it away in case hes not like this - ARRGGHH!! driving me crazy..

    Thank you for your words, its nice to read :)
    Hi Debs, sorry keep missing tomorrow night good for you??? Hope to speak to you soon xxx
    we should be leaving Nov ~ heading back to the UK slowly, be in italy and then france for a while will be back in the UK for my big 50 lol congrats on yours last month sorry i missed it i must put a calander with bdays LOL
    should be in the UK sometime between feb and april other than that have no definate dates!
    will be glad to leave here had enough, love the weather and the cost of living but hate the mentality ~ maybe its the places i have lived here? and Fred can't work here ~ so hes going nutz not working!!!!! and driving me up the wall lol
    Hi Debbie hope that you and your family are all in good health! Happy birthday sorry i am a few hours late i had a virus in my laptop and i have just sorted it out..
    Happy birthday hope that you had a wonderful day, many happy returns to you from all of us here at x
    hi hun yh its great jus got to sort out mney stress then we can live normal lves but he seems to love it. lol hard work but were happy. hows u?xxxxx
    Hiya it was absolutely fabulous, speak to you soon xx
    Hi Debbie am okay thanks for asking and the boys are good too we are trying to just get on with our lives!!! Hope you and your family are good? Enjoying this beautiful weather!! x
    cool Thanks Debbie, think I have an idea so will make a trip one day x

    Hope you dont mind just have a quick question for you? I remember on a thread a while ago you mentioned there where a lot of shops in Liverpool that sold arabic foods, just woindering whereabouts they are as I live not far away so am thinking of making a trip to stock up?

    Hey Deb, great to hear from you, hope all is well. I have logged on fb in my sons account lol to get into my daughters account (what a performance!) to get a pic of Bradleigh for you ~ i had got it but have reformatted pc today so lost it!
    hes growing ~ as is his sister who is a proper "nanny says its ok" get into trouble kid LOL
    i will email you the pics but will try and upload them into my profile too! I sure miss the grands ~ ripped my heart out leaving them in the UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sod the kids lol they all grown up!
    Hi Debbie how are you and the family? Long time since we last spoke I've just posted a question on the forum re: the babys tunisian passport. Unfortunately things have gotten worse and I'm going down the same old road!!! Am seeing the solicitor on Monday so hopefully she will furnish me with some good news. Take care Gigi
    I love that name Jasmine , oh you know what kids are like...Glad that you came on anyway x
    Hi Debbie Zebbes hope that you and your family are all in good health! Where have you been..x
    thanks hun, it just dont feel too good rite now! but had to be done! xx
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