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  • Happy birthday Delstar hope that you have a great day, many happy returns to you from all of us here at T.com..
    Hi Delstar,

    Come onto forum and let us know how things are going with you.

    Myself and hubby are going to Tunisia on the 16th May, this is his first visit home in a year.

    My god how time flys lol x x
    Hello Delstar!!! BM said that You can help me.I am going to merry Tunisian girl,so if U can answer to my questions i would be glad.Please look at my last thread.
    Happy Birthday Delstar - hope you and your family are all set to enjoy your first Christmas here together.
    Just stopping by to say aslama and I hope yr both well, not long until baby is here bet you are both so excited.

    Kam x
    It's been a long time since we have heard from you. Hope that you are doing well :)
    I am so pleased for you both, that is fab new. I will pass on yr greetings to Khalifa, if yr ever in the mids you should come in and see us. Say hello to yr wife and mabrook x

    how are you? hows the missus settling in?

    Fantastic news Delstar ... so pleased for you both x
    Hey Hun hope u ok?? We got our visa!!!! Hope u sorted urs too x x x x x x x
    Hiya Hun,

    Any news yet?? They makin me crazy, they dnt answer emails or the fone!! Hope ur ok?!
    x x x x x x x x x x x x
    Hi Delstar,

    Any news on the visa, I was going over at the end of this month but we have decided to wait.

    Sofiane is going to the Embassy next week, I hope it's all good news.

    Take care.
    It was a yes mate , im so happy. Ur turn nextx
    went to see mp today who did some sniffing 4 me she was told that they had ade the decision last wk but for some reason the bloody embassy have not done their job and informed my hubby. they wouldnt tell me the answer as he has to know first. he has to go at 2 and get his passport. keep ya fingers crossed 4 me x
    another week gone by delstar x lets see if we get any news ha ha i can dream
    hi delstar me again! dont want to be the bearer of bad news but on the embassy web site it states that due to a technical fault there might be a delay in visas . just fab!!x
    hi delstar, we applied the day before shell on 5th jan,still not heard a thing . I have called, been in to the embassy twice just get told the samold thing every time."you have to wait" .only got 2 weeks to go be4 the 12 week dead line so its not that bad , the worst part is over. I hope u hear soon just hang in there every thing will be fine for you. emma
    hi delstar, they didnt ask for any extra paper work, i had only just started my new job when we applied back in jan so therefore only had 3 wage slips so i thought it wouldnt hurt to take more in. shell husband has got his visa monday and they went the day after we did so hopefully i will hear soon. i hope its next week as im going over so i can bring my hubby back home with me. don't know about you but im like a crazy woman at the moment .
    hi delstar, no not heard a thing . i went to embassy last wk to give more wage slips, and im going this monday to hand in more bank statements. its so nerve racking , but it could be any day now. When did you apply?
    Thanx Del - ur a star x x
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