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  • I miss you dolly and sorry for anything that is a problem
    hi dolly this is dolores i will be going to yunisia next week to marry my man and would like to know if my westpac mastercard will work in the atms there at the banks and i have filled in my visa but does it have to be witnessed by police like at stat dec can you help me too in my pappers i need for me and my partner for his visa i am from australia in melbourne thank you dolly hope to speak soon
    Dolly please don't leave...just got home from work and have seen you want to go. Please, stay, you are one of the few that keep this forum grounded. I understand totally where you are coming from and have tried to talk about generalisations being bad. As it is preaching hatred, as you rightly say, I will ask Kris to get rid of the thread.

    If you still decide to leave, please don't be a stranger, you have my email address and I would love to meet up if you still would like to.
    Not a problem - don't apologise, but I'm afraid I can't be part of a forum that allows people to preach hatred, discrimination against any group of people no matter their religion. As for some of the comments, well they come from a bunch of very ignorant people who have grown up in an ignorant environment.
    Sorry if it was me Dolly ......I value you being on here....
    Good to hear you are okay. Bloody internet connections. I couldn't get onto this site, for two days this week. The weather here is okay, I love it when it is really hot.
    Are you okay? Long time no hear.

    The review I sent you has bounced back. I don't know whether it is because my email is from a hotmail account. Do you have a problem with Hotmail in Tunisia?
    Hi Dolly,

    I have sent my review to you, let me know if you haven't received it.
    Maybe I can help you to, we dont live in Tunesia but go there about twice a year and my husband worked there a few years ago. We are regulars in Tej Marhaba in Sousse. My english is not that good, to write texts without mistakes.can you send me a mail to explain bit more what you want and about which places ? thx - [email protected]

    Just seen your post about reviews. I was at the Tej Marhaba in Sousse in November last year. Am happy to send you a review of my stay there. I also went to a number of restaurants too during my stay. I think you may have to send me your email address, as the review may be too lengthy to post on your wall.
    Dolly, I think you are blessed with your inlaws. My understanding is that men can marry non believers, but Islam doesn't allow women to do so. Not really fair. I know there are Muslim women out there who have married non Muslim men, but they don't come from strict backgrounds.
    Hi Dolly,

    I think it is great that your husband's family have accepted you as you are. I was in a relationship years ago, where my man insisted I converted. I did just to please him, I was young and stupid. When we broke up, I left the religion.
    Hi Dolly. I will try the louages for the experience. Hope my travel insurance covers me for them,lol. I don't speak Arabic, but have rust A level French.

    I can't remember what you said on the religion thread, but have you converted to Islam?
    yup lol been waiting for you to ask for it lol go back to my profile page, and in contact info there is an email addy ~ email me ~ wait a while cos it take forever and i will email you back with her addy
    Hi Dolly! I kind of got the impression that some are pretty outspoken hahahah! It's okay though :D Thank you for the request and I'm glad to befriend you!
    Well Dolly, I may just try the louages when I am there later this year. Do they tend to be direct. Sousse to Nabeul, Sousse to Mahdia, or Sousse to Tunis?
    Hi Dolly,

    Have you ever taken the louage from Sousse to Nabeul?

    Am I better off taking the train?

    I didn't take any louages when I was in Tunisia last year
    Dolly, I love this type of clothing, and usually get it from Southall in London. It is cheap cheap cheap. A kaftan on the high street from Monsoon is £50, that is just the top. In Southall, I can buy two outfits with that ie long top and trousers. You don't want to know how many Indian suits I have,lol.

    I love them, and in the summer, the cotton and linen ones, are great. I hadn't noticed anything in Sousse, or Tunis medina when I went, that is why I asked you,lol.
    Hi Dolly,

    Are the Indian shops where you get your clothing in Bizerte or the US?
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