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  • Hi Feefad hope that you are in good health! Just popped over to wish you a happy birthday and hope that you have a great day..
    Thats good to know, my fiance used to work there years ago, so hopefully there will be some familiar faces.
    We get married in April,, soooo excited x
    Heey thanks for your advice, I booked the El Mouradi Palm last week but through Travel Republic, It did not ask if we were British citizens, just our names, I hope it will not be a problem, if i've paid for it? Is the hotel nice??? xx
    Hi Fee...
    Sent you message on email.....:).....congratulation

    Hi Fee
    It's so good to hear from you. Everything is fine with me - I moved house 8 weeks ago so have had lots to do and haven't been out in Tn as much. Also trying to seel business.

    How about you? How are you keeping? My email is [email protected]

    Take good care. xx
    lol i know Fee i was set on Amira but Tarek changed my mind typical hehe hope your ok :) are you going to find out if boy or a girl or you want to get a surprise ? xx
    Mabrouk hun to you and hubby - im so happy for you, take care of urself x x x x
    thatnks feefad hubby will be working with me when he comes how did u get ur hubby a place at college.x
    hiya feefad please cold u explain what is a ESOL? many thanks tracylouise
    Hiya hope that you had a great day...
    thankyou so much for getting back to me , his test is booked for 1 weeks time, i think we will also send it to the local office , did you book an appointment ?or just turn up his visa expires in 28 days im nervous of the time. sorry to keep asking questions cheers for your time
    hi been on the sites , now trying to work out wot to do next. booking life test this week for asap. do i download application form offline, if so which one? sorry its all such a muddle to me . also do you have to pay a fee what i have sen online is 820 pounds, thanks for your time
    hehe Feefad if you come to my wedding you will have to run aftre me bcz I will run and run....away from the altar of course. x x x
    Thanx Feefad I just want to have a nice time...but is a long way to go till I ll be ready for marriage. x x
    Aww thanks hun.....Im sure i'll have a fab time, got quite a few things going on when i get there. But all in good fun. Hope you're well? Lots of love xxx
    Hi fee. Long time no speak/Pm/Chat/facebook ect...
    How the devil are you.
    Aww thanks Fee...My kids look just like me, so must be where they get their beauty from hehehe..xxx
    Thanks for your comment on our picture. In fact, thank God, we are very happy the two of us together. I have a very happy daughter, in spite of all. :) xxx
    Well its only been a couple of months... give it time haha ;)
    ohhhh gr8 i can c them now!!!!
    Woohoo sweet hone..
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