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    marrying in tunisia

    how exactly are tunisian weddings? i can't imagine them being like the usual christian wedding, right?
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    Traditional dishes

    or recipe, or gain, etc. that someone in the US would've heard of? I'm interested in eating some traditional foods.
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    Personal Safety

    yea find well established companies. not just some random people
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    Passport Validity?

    it woulnd't be a good idea to be anywhere (other than your home country) with an expired passport.
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    Medinat Alzahra Parc - Kalaa Kebira

    that looks pretty neat. I don't think they have any actual pictures though that's why i was asking. thanks.
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    Land of History and meeting of civilizations

    HA! maybe i should've checked this thread out before posting. so as of right now there: -the french colonization -the fact that they're both maurusian -and i think they both got their independence in 56. anything else? very cool history though.
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    Hotel Royal Kenz.

    can you say why you went there? I'm only asking to find out what things can be done in that area. Seems like a nice place. oh and, do you have pictures?
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    Medinat Alzahra Parc - Kalaa Kebira

    do you have any pictures? I kind of wanna see what that looked like.