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  • hey fola! Its been a long time hun? LOL so how is school and your fiancee? Good i hope. I am planing to make a big move sometime next year....maybe UK, who knows how this will play out.
    yeah, but i havent decided if i wanna stay at asda all summer, or start looking for a proper job, you know something that will look better on the visa application, because i dont have my own house, at least i could have an office job or something... i wanna do a post grad too but certainly not this september. maybe one after or one after, we will see. but when you take a year out do u mean out from work too? or ur still gonna continue to work? :)
    kenya! oh wow sounds nice :)
    well i have no idea about long term jobs, everyone seems to ask me that at the moment and i can never give an answer. :S with your degree u kind of have like a set job at the end of it dont u? or at least u will know the field u wanna work in. with mine there are loads, or no, possibilities lol so i cant even chose anything that interests me. its somethin i really need to think about...also having the boyfriend from another country and planning a wedding at the end of the year and visa conditions doesnt help long term job prospects x x
    yeah i know i feel lucky in a way, im only there 24 weeks of the year, but its still hard work when im there :) yeh thanks i had a good one, had a party here last night for my housemates 21st, went out to a club, i dont do that often so it was fun fun :D what about u?xx
    hey sade well its ok at the mo as i dont start back until tuesday :D but i got some readings to do before then, and some dissertation if i can be bothered. haha how are you?
    and i just have 3 months and a few days left, i finish the beginning of may. everyone always hates me for that! LOL xx
    its online and it only cost me £190 and i got free course with it too. so like im doing the certificate in TEFEL this year with an online tutor so its a bit more expensive and i get the free course of teaching english to young learners (some deal tht ends this month) without tutor support n theres only about 15-20 units for the whole certificate n you can complete the whole thing in a few weeks if you wanted to do it as a crash course to teaching lol :) xx
    that sounds great :) well when ive graduated i will a degree in education studies and a diploma in TEFEL (im doing this over this summer n next summer) so basically im qualified to teach english anywhere i want and my main plan is to move to tunisia after ive graduated but not straight after cos things will need to be sorted out n then il go over there n hopefully get a job teaching english and get married sometime :) xx
    hope it comes round quick...march and my last year just not the dissertation lol dont like the sound of that!! but im pretty sorted for what happening afterwards :) what are your plans for when youve graduated? xx
    yes...i am a sousse girl lol :) im jealous!! i wish i was in my third year...then i wouldnt have long left here :( xx
    awww thats really nice :) what year u in?? my story is...et my guy on hol last year in the hotel where he worked...in animation lol weve been together 5 months and 10 days :) the best time of my life!! i went back for the first time in jan cos my first term of uni was really long and needed to settle in as its my first time living away from home!! and im goin back on 28th march for 3 weeks :) where's he from?? xx
    its ok...randoms good lol :) unis great...apart from the workload at the moment!! so whats your story then...as they say xxx
    hey..thanks for friend request!! how are you? :) x
    Hi Fola:) Thank u so so much,yeah we`re really so happy.Now we`re starting his visa,and we hope everything be good.We`re also pregnant now,so I need him here with me really:)I advice u to go to Tabarka,it`s a really nice place.I also enjoy Jendouba much.
    Hi:)I see u also stay in Hammamet:)I stayed there just the first time,bc my husband is from Jendouba,bt he used to live and work in Hammamet before.We usually stay in Tabarka,nice place.Bt we rent car and go to Jendouba alot:)What is ur BF name?Maybe they know eachother;)hehe....
    Well I met my guy in Hammamet, and then stayed with his family in Sbeitla, near Kasserine. So might go to Hammamet again feb/march if I can. Where does your guy work in hammamet?
    Also waitrose and asda are right next to eachother about half hour walk from me, I have already checked with ASDA, not employing till march :( x
    Yeah I dont know why, maybe I was getting confused with Latisha, but then I checked and seen it said London.
    Yeah I know what you mean, but luckily the friends I went out with NYE are all single, and I spoke to S about 5mins after midnight though which did make want to cry.
    As for when I am going back really not sure, I want to go back asap, same as everybody I guess, but its not looking good on the job front which means no money :(
    If I get a job within the next that pays weekly I will try to go sometime in Feb, if not march. Oh yes I would love to go over for about 3months see how long term living with him feels, where do you usually go when you go over there?Xx
    p.s didnt say cos for some reason thought you were in US, but the dress is from DP, it has nice details on the sleeves that you cant really see on the pics x
    Yeah I had fun, and then since thought with the price of the dress, shoes and the night out I could have got a return flight to Tunisia, but you have got to live here as well I suppose :)
    When you planning on next going to Tunisia?x
    Hi honey how are you?X good new year?x
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