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  • Hi gabriel, how r u? glad to hear your husband is home with u.... i was just wondering how long it took the emabssy to stamp his passport my husband getting so impatient now lolll xxxx
    Aw contradictions - I cant do this much longer, especially with aj x
    Well at least you havent got him going off on one, thats all you need. great he is supportive, exactly what you need in a husband. Hopefully you have an argument against them and can get the visa via appeal or review x
    Hey hun have they got hold of him yet? xx
    Thats ok hun, of course you are excited, hope its a YES but either way you will know soon what the next step is and thats what is doing my head in, I just want to know, of course a YES is ALOT better than a no though x
    Arghhhhhhh good luck hun I hope so much you get a big fat YES!!! Told ya not to worry!! Will respond to ur msg when i get a chance. Fingers and toes crossed for yous xxx
    Kinza then u next deb x
    Oh Kinza went today so we just waiting what her answer was, deb your next on list!! then me eeeekk xx
    Maybe they are calling for him to collect tomorrow? or interview? aah hope its a collection and a YES! xx
    Ah we should hear mid december the latest.

    Im expecting a 12 week wait but at the same time, NOT- Well Im hoping not so keep wondering xxx

    Yes so proud, the best thing ever :) xx
    Ah nearly 10 weeks for you?! anything?x
    Hi hun, The waiting is a nightmare we were 4 weeks past there on monday and its killing me already! Keep thinking positive I'm sure u will hear soon! xxx
    hi gabriel
    i havent heard about demos but who nows
    im not going til sunday so wont be there to tomorrow but will be there next saturday.
    my hubby from zeramdine (monasstir)

    he driving me mad cos i asked him to go to tunis tonight but he planning louage tomorrow.
    will kill him.

    next friday we will be staying in diplomat hotel and will go to africa on the staurday about 11.
    i will be in cafe there so tell your hubby to look for blond woman
    text/call if you need help
    hi gabriel, OMG, im goig thru that too right now.
    one day up, one day down -if he says one more time "my situation is bad" im going to throttle him"

    if you want a chat call me
    Thanks Gabriel. Have deleted your email address and am going to mail you now. x
    Hi Gabriel I have emailed you on your gmail. x
    hi Gabriel. i also wanted to reassure you that the post offices are open and western union fine too.

    my other half has lost his job (with police!!!) and is at family home in countryside.
    he was admitted to hospital this week with chest infection but now ok so ive been frantic!

    his family are struggling but getting by and day by day normality is returning to tunisia.

    he used the rent money for our now abandoned flat to feed the entire family and i paid for docs treatment.

    they will be fine as they are strong resilient people.
    take care and keep in touch
    I was also going to tell you that it works.... Good luck
    Gabriel, have just posted on the forum. Western Union is working, as I sent money to Sousse on Monday, and it was collected then. I hope your chocolates get there. A friend had sent chocolates to her daughter, and the Post office ate all the chocolates, and gave her an empty box.
    hi can you look on my wall please to see the replies from roulla about email address. thanks x
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