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  • Thanks for pic comments, I was 6months preg when I married so didnt feel regal with swollen ankles by the end of the 2nd night lol x
    Never got your email address. Going to ask Roulla to send you mine if thats ok. Stayed at the Kaiser lots of times. x
    Hey just seen your boyf or is it husband works in Kaiser, how long has he worked there? I stayed there in March x
    Yes we are ok thank u, and I spoke with my husband for over an hour on skype tonight and then nearly an hour on the phone just now :D Awh I love him so much, really want him tonight hehe xx
    Hi hun thanks for friend request- accepted! x
    Hi Gabriel i am ok thanks. Worried of course for my husband and his family and the future of the country. Things seem calm where he is but you never know. How is everything with you and tunisian family? x
    Hi Gabriel!
    Hi Gabriel hope that you are in good health! You done nothing wrong at all but you posted a message for Soussanika and if you read the date it was 09...x
    Happy new year to you Gabriel for 2011, hope that all your dreams come true.. I just deleted your post for Sousseannika on the happy new year thread as her mother passed away 2009 ... x x
    Thanks a lot Roulla. Happy New Year to you to xxx
    Hi Gabriel hope that you are in good health! I have posted your email to sand like you requested , happy new year to you x x x
    Hi Gabriel hope you had a good Christmas. I have altered my settings,dont no if its right though, and asked Roulla if she would mind trying again. Happy New Year.x
    Ok i tried to send your email address to sand but she has everything blocked, there is only one way of sending it to her and that is on her wall, sorry i did try..
    Hi Gabriel i tried to send Sand your email address like you asked me to but for some unknown reason it is not letting me send it, is there any other way or maybe i can send it to her in her email i will try that now and see what happens..
    Hi Gabriel hope that you are in good health! If you give me permission to forward your email address then i will do it for you..
    I usually go to Sousse. I came back on 10th November it seems like i havn't been for years. I am hoping to go in Feb for our wedding anniversary. Will email you if you let me have you email address and then i will delete the post.x
    Perhaps you should delete my message below. Thanks. Anyway on a lighter note when are you back in Tunisia?x
    Hi Gabriel612 hope that you are in good health! Just deleted your old account like requested, thank you for letting us know..
    Welcome hun be safe xx xx :)
    Thank you for the welcome.......:) I am not new it is the same gabriel. What a palava I have had trying to get back on here. I have had so many new passwords all say invalid when I try to log on, I have just had an email from Kris saying he has reset my password, just tried it but still saying invalid, I really dont know what is going on. it happened after I had my comp fixed. Just set up a new email address and user name & re-registered, that worked thank heavens. So if someone could erase my old gabriel make sure it is the old one and not this one or I will go crazy with frustration. Thanks I can now post again.
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