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  • Hiya I only know his 1st name I have forgotten his surname. Its Haikel or Hakel not sure of the spelling. He says that he was born in France. I will try and get his surname too xx
    Hi, are you up early or am i up late lol, how are you x x
    thanks so much hun really thank you! i just cant get over it! the fact like you say so many lies!!!! i just feel like breaking don rite now but think why the hell should i cry over him! i swear my head will explode!! would be so good if we coul drown our sorrows together!! i'm so getting wasted this weekend just to forget for that split second althouh must remember to leave the phone at home knowing i would call him and it wont be pleasant!! i compared him to my other ex which i know would hit a nerve! yeah will defo add you hun and you know the same goes for you whenever you wan to talk, as we're in the same boat, mayb we should put them in the same boat and sink it lol! will add you tonite thanks babes xxxx
    Hi hun how are you today? Keep ya chin up there's lots more tuna in the sea for us! :D
    Hiya hun I just accepted you on FB. I know the feeling of rejection is the worse and it is hard to get through it, but it will happen given time. I went on a date just before Christmas, not because I wanted another man, but just because it gave my confidence a bit of a boost! I think that's what we need right now, and maybe a bit of retail therapy, new dress, shoes, visit to the hairdressers ;)

    I'm still not completely over him but I'm getting there and you will too xxx
    Never let a man make you feel like that, you are much stringer than that.

    I will email you xxx
    Hi I noticed you are online, and just wanted to say that I am awake, if you need to chat I am here x
    I am sorry....stay with us we will help you to get over it. x x
    Hey babe, email me x
    Hi Goldcoast Girl, thanks for adding me as a friend :) I hope you are well? x
    Hey Lyndal - I asked Niz about getting a Tunisian passport here in tunisia. He says it can take up to a month but if you know someone (as always) you can have it in less that 2 or 3 days. He also confirmed that he did not need his passport when we got married but I needed mine! Talk soon honey
    Hi Missie GCG - I'll send you email and I'll put you on my regular update email to all my global mates. This way you can read about our life here. Tunisian men are difficult but DO NOT bow to his wishes to control you. If you let that happen now then your life will be a misery - believe me!!
    Hiya hope that you are in good health! Would you like an avatar if so just tell me what it is that you want and i will put it on for you....
    Hi, i lived with him after we got married for 10 months so only just come back to uk. then after weeks missed him so much i went back for 2 weeks, we have a half built house but also an apartment we live in. I am looking for a job hen will apply for his visa although we intend to live in tunisia once we have saved enough to buy another hosue and a business, poss 3-5 years time. Good luck
    Hey Lyndal - fantastic that you are coming and it would be great to catch up. I've been speaking with Melissa (Aussiegal) who is here now and we are trying to work out when we can meet. My husband bless him wants to invite 'all my fellow citizens' for dinner so if you think you can come on over one night we would love it. I don't have msn to be honest with you - I have too many emails, facebooks etc. etc. I get confused and can't remember any of my passwords but just for you..............Have a safe and happy trip. My mobile number here is: 21479679 - use it!!
    Hey Tammy - glad to know you. Where in the Gold Coast? My parents actually went and lived in "heaven's waiting room" for a few years. Used to visit a lot. they were in Surfers.....hmmmmm. Originally I'm from everywhere but melbourne is where I used to call home. Are you already in Tunisia? If so where are you living and if we can let's try for coffee some time.

    Hi my name is Tammy and I also have a boyfriend in Tunisia,I have met his Mom,Dad and sister on Web cam,same as you we talk every day by web cam.But unlike you i have no concerns,I am going to Tunisia to stay for a few months and see how things work out with my man and if all gose well we will marry.I have met his friends and talk to them on facebook and he has met my sons and my freinds.before you go I would make sure you met other family members and friends and talk to them so you know all is on the up an up.When were youplaning on going? I am going in August.mabe we can talk more about this. my Email is [email protected] if you would like to do facebook or msn,I am doing a lot of reserch to find out all i can about Tunisia, look forward to hear from you,Where are you from??? Tammy
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