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  • Times gonna fly by to ur wedding i bet! i cant wait til im doin it all haha! Its weird thinking that a few months ago i didnt even think i would see him again n now its all changed! im sooo happy! :D
    im sure if i looked hard enough i could find some harrissa etc around by me somewhere, perhaps in birmingham. i will have to go on a little mission to see lol.

    Will be nice for your sister to meet him too, mine wont now prob til wen we get married, she is due to have a baby in june so wont be travelling for a good while. but hopefully my dad his girlfriend maybe my bro also maybe my uncle his partner and my grandma will come in July. not really sure yet they all maybes at the minute, would be a great family get together lol! D would prob be a bit over whelmed lol!! Although he has already met my grandma cuz i was on holiday with her when we met, i know he would love to see her again :)
    Things seem really good between you im so happy, i did attempt cooking Brik which came out ok but didnt taste as good as in Tunisia haha and spaghetti lol and im lucky i can buy harrissa where i live :) im missing my man too but only 12 weeks to go and 13 weeks until the big day lol i keep getting told of because i keep just saying how long til holiday as i really need one haha, but wedding plans are good everything booked just paying it all now or shall i say the other half is lol bless him he so excited too then after June im bck in December for 13 days so excited as my sister is coming and she not met him yet :) xxxxx
    Hey :)

    Cant wait to see the pics!
    Things are really good thanks, just cant wait to get back out there. missing him so much! I think some of my family may possibly come out too this time. cant wait for them to meet him. Im going in july just for a week and hopefully get out again oct/nov for 2 weeks when he is less busy! see if we can get time to go to another city n have some proper time together. :) I have brought some Tunisian cook books to try n learn cooking some food :-/ not done anything yet tho lol! i usually go there n miss the food from home but this time i came back missing the food from Tunisia lol! i brought lots of spices back too and of course some Harrissa! :D need to have a 'come dine with me' tunisian style with some friends lol! see how i do!
    Hope all is going well with your plans and really look forward to seeing the pics huni ;)

    speak soon

    Its ok huni, im so happy for you! cant believe that its only 14 wks til u get married! bet your soooo excited!! he seems very organised with it all which is very good! :) really pleased for you and wish you all the luck for ur future :) im sure it will be fantastic!!! hope to see some photos of the big day :D
    Hey hun,
    Hows things with you? good news, i have just got back from tunisia, we have sorted things out and are back together :) happier than ever! hope ur ok xxx
    Hi hun,

    Bad news im afraid, we have split up. long story really but its over. So im trying to get on with my life now. struggling at the moment but im getting there.

    Hope all is well with you

    Hey huni,

    Hows things? bet its close to you goin soon isnt it ;)

    we had out visa refused :( not sure what we are going to do now. he is on holiday in Turkey at the minute, so we have lots of talking to do when he is back!

    Hope you your fiancee and your son are all well and wedding plans are going well ;)

    Thats so nice of his sister to let your family stay :) i defo agree with the driving! it is mental haha

    Submitted our visitors visa now and got appointment at embassy when i go in oct, im really nervous! nearly got all my paperwork ready. not written my letter of invitation yet or supporting letter, but everything else nearly done !

    keeping everything crossed!!

    I bet it is hun and ur right only so much you can do from miles away isnt there :-/ Are you going alone or are you and your son goin together? aw im so jealous, i wish i could be there for that time you are :)
    6 months?!?! woah! u poor thing, i cant believe u havent seen him for so long! i could not deal with that!! oh i bet u cant wait to get back there. :) Ooooh exciting wedding plans ay :D i cant wait to do that! heehee
    Thank u huni :)

    We met in May, i went back exactly 2 months later for 1 week in July and it will be 3 months and 2 days when i go in Oct since my last visit! i dont know how i cope for so long not seeing him but we talk almost everyday so that helps me thru. :) Oooooh dear thats not good :-/ at least u can stay with his family! sleeping on the beach might sound romantic but in real life........... hmmmmmm lol!!!
    Oh i would love to be there for xmas and new year, its my bday on 29th too and that would have been so nice, but my job doesnt let me take hols in dec at all so i got no chance, unless its agreed well in advance with area manager. so possibly for next year lol! I can dream! hopefully he will be here by then anyway :D :D :D


    Aw good huni, leave that past where it belongs....in the past!! :D

    Im really good thanks :) things goin really well at work lately, getting a promotion in a few weeks! all things are going in the right direction for once and i love it! :D just missing my man but nothing will change that in the near future, next hurdle is finishing this visa form and then the interview at the embassy. Looking forward to goin back in Oct! sooooooooooooo cant wait :D it couldnt come round quick enough for me lol! but we are mostly in same boat with that one aint we lol!!! :D How bout u?

    As long as you keep in mind the signs that others warn of and don't ignore anything that might be 'dodgy' then u don't need to worry huni, if u r like me ur very switched on to 'dodgy rats' lol!! aat first I was reading all the bad stuff thinking omg how can I do this will this happen to me?!?! But u know ur guy and your relationship best, if your happy then don't worry so much, you have to risk your heart to be happy, if you don't and keep it locked away then u will never learn to trust and be truely happy. No one knows what will happen in the future, just enjoy your life now ;) don't give him such a hard time because of idiots from your past, it will be hard and I'm sure he understands how u feel about trust, like u said u have told him, just enjoy urself and be a happy lol bunny :D ;)
    Hi hayley hope that you and your son are both in good health! I just looked at your son and i think that he is adorable, beautiful eyes..Masallah
    same as u missing him too much..thank god for msn and telephones..lol.take care hun..xx
    Hi just stopped by to say hi and i hope your ok..xx
    Yeah i was the same with the trust thing, and i thought with him being so far away i would go out of my mind, but i havent, i trust him 100%. Aw im glad your really happy hun :) you deserve it, your passed sounds similar to mine lol!
    They were both English, D is the first Tunisian guy i have had a relationship with and i have never been happier :) Good things come to those who wait and i have been through the bad, worse and even worse and waited a very long time, since meeting D alot of things in my life have clicked into place, im a big believer in fate and that everything happens for a reason. :)
    Aw that great that he loves your son so much.
    Oooh very far away then haha. xxx
    Yeah i bet he was shocked at the price, I have been engaged twice beofre and arranged both weddings, picked dresses and everything, then got cheated on both times! so im used to planning weddings hahahaha!! but having it over there will be different. i really cant wait :)
    I live not far from birmingham, near Cannock, how about you?

    Search on facebook for 'wobblegob' you will find me. ;)

    We haven't set any dates yet, sorting all that out in october when I go over. Can't wait to start planning it tho when done visa!
    U go back on my birthday :)

    Chat soon on fb ;) xx
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