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    looking for things to do

    Im sure you will have a great time Gillian its a beautiful country with some lovely people..... just be very aware of some of the young men especially one's who work in tourism they see a woman alone and try their luck,which hotel are you staying at ? i have a couple of female friends living in...
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    Very confused!

    Hi Claireyamy Google Bezness in north Africa if any signs in his behavior relates to what you read make your friend aware, but be careful how you tell her i have lost friends through this wouldn't listen to me until it was too late and they lost everything..... if you want to contact me i would...
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    Free land for the poor in Tunisia

    just spoken to a Tunisian friend and they have never heard of this
  4. sunset on tunis lake

    sunset on tunis lake

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    marrying in tunisia

    Exactly and i just cant find anymore work at the mo, we are still friends will see what happens in the future
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    Congratulations nice to see some good news :)
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    marrying in tunisia

    Thankyou :)
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    marrying in tunisia

    yes and at the moment i couldnt do that i dont earn enough money, so i am looking for extra work but having no luck so far
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    marrying in tunisia

    Hi they sure are hard work, and im sure your right about it being hard when you actually live together here, my sister had a 2/3 year relationship with a man from romania ( he was already in the uk ) and she told me how hard it was being with someone from a different culture, i just cant help...
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    marrying in tunisia

    Hi but i need the work to prove i can support him dont i ?
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    marrying in tunisia

    no just engaged we said we wouldnt marry until i found more work