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  • Married to my best friend and lover
    Sun Car Hire Hannam Sousse is 40 dinars a day email me if you want your dates and i will try and sort tgfor you [email protected]
    The Embassy was closed in JUly so i was told that is why the applications are taking so long...
    I have just spent 10 days with my Husband i took out most of the paperwork that he will need for the settlement visa... Just wish the website was more helpful as it does not actually say what paperwork needs to be taken in... I even went to a solicitor to ask what paperwork....
    hi heather..just to answer ur question from my thread...eaa family permit is kind of a visa for family of eea europe members,its like settlement visa,but it should normally take not so long to give out,actualy should take few days to receive the permit...i got married to my tunisian hubby and we applied for this permit in early july hotrypin hed be here by now,but we still havent heard nothin from the embasy..just now just tryin to be strong and wait although its soo hard xx hope my answers fine..ohh i like ur pics
    Hi darling thank you for writing a lovely message, it means alot....about the meeting I am so sorry,It went complelety out of my mind, but something tells me you were having a good time just the two of you!!!!!! Your brothers over here at the moment and staying in the same place...Hows everything going??? If you need my help for anything just let me know hun...take care and speak soon xxxxx
    thats mean "always too much thinking,god help me"
    Hi Heather hope you're keeping well and in good shape just to re-cap in regard of civil marriage in Tunisia. As I have mention before that I will have the certificate of no-impediment done in the UK before living also I need my birth certificate which I will have a resent cope and I know that it should't be no more than twenty one days old from the time of re-Issuing and the time I am in Tunis for the civil marriage. Once in Tunis I need to see the mufti minister of religion to get permission for the marriage then need to go to the British embassy for them to clear all of my papers and then hopefully have a date for the civil marriage. I know that I am a bit concern in case of a last hiccup.....anyway if I had miss anything Please do let me know........many thanks abdus.......................
    hi heather just wanted to know..I am will be getting married to a girl in Tunisia, I come from a mulsim family living in the uk. I been told that I have to provide information that I am a muslim to get married there if you can tell me what kind of prof will it be accepted over there.. many thanks... abdus..
    Hi HeatherC

    You can get married anywhere you like it doesnt have to be in the municipality. You can have the offical man to visit you in a place of your choice.

    I wouldnt advise getting married on the beach here as nowhere is designated and you would would have all sorts turning up especially in the summer months. LOL. You would have random people in your wedding photos.

    I hope that helps. If you need any more info let me know.
    morning.... bit jet lagged.. but im good...
    Hi Heather, welcome back :) How are you,happy posting...
    Thankyou.... I hope so also..... I have read a few posts and can understand what they say....
    welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do...
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