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  • Holly I did all the translation in tunis. I had the CONI and birth Certificate and the paper work for the embassy translated. for the appointment to embassy he has to be with you also. and I had to pay about 30 dollars. Try to get the blood work also and see if the have it done quickly. I was given my blood work the next day. I had it done within one hour. I you need the number of the place. I can get from you cos my husband has it. I was there for ten days and by the fifth day. I was married. So for the delay of the respond. If any question I can help!!!!Take care.
    Congrats!!! Holly I did the CONI here in NYC is was about 30 dollars. I hope you don' mind me say. I you can make your appointment to the tunisia embassy on line. so you don't waste any time. Most of all the paper you carrying has to be translated. Good Luck. Keeping my fingers cross. Take care
    Aww hun you are soooo welcome i will change him when the festive season is over lol.
    I hope you are good :):):)
    Hi, hope you like your santa lol xx xx
    How are you doing and thank you!!!! for adding me.

    You can private message me on face book.

    I will be on tonight take care xx xx
    Hi hun, hope your ok don't get stressed it's not worth it.

    If you need to talk i am on facebook Helen Ghrissi xx xx ps don't know how to work facebook lol :}:)
    Do you have a facebook? Would be easier to message you there! xo
    Happy birthday to you, hope that you had a great day yesterday, many happy returns to you..:)
    Thanks Holly. I got your friend request.
    Hi I am fron CT. I would like to get to know you also. I am on facebook under Kimberly Nordquist.
    Hi Hollylynn
    How are you? Are you still wanting the transfer fo he 6th september? let me know so I can definitley book you in. x
    No problem, go ahead and use the pic :)

    Things are getting hectic here because Ramadan starts tomorrow, and plus I'm sick :( Don't know how the first day will be. I hope it goes well!
    Hi Holly, how are you doing?
    I think I am friends with Sybil so I will check...x
    Oh when will you be going home as I should be around in september??
    Yes I have facebook :) Are you friends on there with anyome from here, as I have quite a few of them on there x
    Thats cool ,guess u met on the t'internet? lol where abouts in tunisia will you stay in 4weeks?x
    Hello hun, seen you posting recently, guess you are with a tunisian? how long has it been?x
    Hi Hollylynn

    Thats no problem at all. As you saw from my post it will be 100TND or £50. Let me know your flight detals so i can put it in my diary. I know its along way away but need to organised. lol
    Hey great, I've got a new friend la la la la la!! If you listen to Lissy, Tunisiabelle and me you will be fine. Lissy used to live here and TB and I still do. Lissy and I are married to very traditional and conservative men so we know what we are talking about!! You are going to have a great time I am sure of it!!
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