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  • hello, u gave me some info b4 about lost passport and visa, We have got his new passport now just need to sort out the visa, u said that they offer a post option at £174? where did u get that info, its not on their website and i cant get through on any numbers, i sent them a email too but i just got back a generated reply refering me to the bloody website lol. its a night mare all over again!!!!
    Happy birthday to you, hope that you had a great day..x
    Hey hun hope your well and happy, i saw you thread about looking for apartments and was wondering if you were still looking and where abouts?? xx
    thank you so much i,m so excited
    Hi omg we got the decision overturned thank you so much for your kindness thank u
    thank you so much please i need help i miss rad so much i would love to talk to you
    hi holly

    just want to say that the above profile picture is lovely and you look soo happy :)
    Hi Holly hope that you and your husband are both in good health! just noticed that you do not have an avator would you like one and if so what kind would you like ? Have a nice day x
    do you think the embassy here in tunisia canhe decesion soon
    it will go to a hearing
    thankx for the reply
    hi hollysahbi my settelment visa was refused and the raison was letters and post cards missing stamps and envelopss.my wife came back to uk and she took a letter from the MP then she gave the appeal form to a lawyer.yesterday the lawyer called my wife and told her that all the papers work was sent .
    the problem is i dont know where the papers are sent and what it will happen and how long it will take??.
    i knew u was at hearing what happened did u get good answeer
    plz help me
    Hi holly I don't know if you've booked your flight yet for your hubby but I used this website,Top Site for Cheap Flights - Alternative Airlines, it was cheaper for me than booking direct with TunisAir. Whens your hubby come hun? x tc mel
    many congratulations honey i bet you are purely over the moon!!!! i remember that feeling very clearly and you will be very happy together here i am sure. whats the houria palace like? me and hubby are going over soon and staying there xxx
    hope your haviin a great tiime iin tuniisiia holly : ) and have hadd a lovelii biirthdaii and weddiing anniiversary : ) x
    Salam Holly

    just send me a private msg with your name and address and I will post some things for you .Or u can txt it to my mobile ,my number is 07999010811.

    Salam Holly
    I have been married for 2 years and I converted 1 year ago.I had been studying islam for a few years though before meeting my husband and my husband is not religious even although he always does Ramadan etc.
    I have many leaflets and also an english version of the holy koran Holly you are most welcome to it .
    Wa salama
    hello hows u xx
    Hi Holly, I can't believe I'm back, I hate it here ! It's rubbish!
    Looking forward to Jan. When date are you planning to be out there until, me and Selz fly out on the 7th Jan, I'm staying in Sousse this time. Will you be staying in Skanes? I'll get a taxi to see yah one day , and you can pop and visit me another , what do you think? And you can meet the lovely Selzzy too:)
    Sorry again it was so brief that night of Carina's wedding. Just wasn't easy to talk in there with the music, I enjoyed it so much though, was lovely to see the celebrations :) I love all that arabic music, and watching how they dance to it :)
    Welcome back xxx
    i am not with him ,he texts me now and again just to say hi ,i don't want to be with anyone who lives abroad not for me,i am off to ibiza in 3 weeks can't wait goin with kat and another girl so will be good and alot of late nites i think , congratulations to you and sam hope everything works out with visa ect x x
    hi holly how are you ,sarah x
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