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  • Hi Jacqui, It was lovely to meet you and your beatuiful daughter too. I was sorry to have missed you in the baggage hall but my case was one of the last to come thru then I had to declare some money so it took a bit longer.

    I've sent you as friend request on FB and a msg with my numbers on. Let me know how I can help.

    Love and hugs
    SM xxx
    Hey Jacqui im sorri about the other evening...bad timing..Its just he uses an internet cafe so every minute counts so to speak..Sometimes he waits nearly anhour just to get on the computer to talk to me...so once again i hope u dont think i was being rude and im sorri i had to leave xx
    Yes im on [email protected] is also my msn...Well we have decided January..although we havnt decided a date probably the 28th. Wow talk about being nervous...So yours is a dream that has come true and your still living the dream? You hea so many horror stories..this site has been a godsend to me and ive only spoken to a handful of people x
    Yes hun....dont know wot to expect...and were doin roughly the same..signing and party at his parents house...still goin to cost a fortune....did u hire a dress there or take your own? x
    Hi jacqui..I read u got married in Kasserine..this is were my finance and i are to marry in January...was it a nice office? how did it all go? x
    Yes - Nicki McInnes Hermassi
    H got here in April, its been a bit of a culture shock for him but he has settled in ok. We were back in June for a week & he is hopin to go back in November for eid (work permitting), I wont be goin cos will be 32 week pregnant by then & dont fancy all the travelling (3 hours to Glasgow, 3 hours on the plane, then 3 hours to Kasserine :(). Hopefully will get over to see the family after the baby is born.

    How did he manage to break his ankle :confused:. Hope he manages to get on the plane ok..lol.
    Hi Jacqui,

    I think our husbands know each other from Kasserine

    Hiya hun,

    We are good thanx and how are you?

    We fly a week sunday to tunisia, im all excited lol xx xx
    thank-you Jaqui...the eating part won't be a problemi don't eat much in the day anyway...just worrying about hydration as I am a dancer and may be working in the studio for some of Ramadan...oh well...it wasn't meant to be easy! x
    Hya dont worry Im sure we will get there in the endand will have to get the furniture bit by bit as soon as we find our way around and find the furniture shops so we can browse,
    hope you are well best wishes Sheila.
    Hi Jacqui its me again did you manage to find out anything from your cousin about import
    duty and where to get all the info from dont worry I just wondered, hope you and the family are well, I will be so glad when the bloody flat is furnished its a big headache.love
    Thanks Jacqui I appreciate any help I can get Im new to all this and its a b it daunting if you dont know what youre doing I have limited funds so I cant afford to spend hundreds
    of pounds if I can get good secondhand stuff from here at half the price, anyway hope to hear from you if you have anything to report will keep checking. thanks again Sheila
    Hi Jacqui I was going to drive my furniture over to PEK next year but oh what have made
    so many phone calls to try and find out about import duty and where to obtain the paperwork,what a headache it seems nobody knows anything so how people do it I dont
    know ,so Ive given up and Im going to buy it there. But if you find out how to do it pleasewill you let me know it would be much appreciated thankyou, Sheila.
    hi jacqui, I wonder if you could tell me!! I come from a muslim family living in the uk and is going to get married to a girl in tunisia, I my require to proved that I am a muslim to the authority in tunisa to get married there, if so what kind of prof that I need to provide.
    many thanks. abdus
    hey hun u ok? its becky :) lol xxxx hows aicha?x
    I just found a post by you saying you love the name amira and this is what you would call your baby if it was a girl!! lol!!! Thats what I'm set on since day 1 so who oly knows what it will end up being called if it's a girl!! lol x
    Hi Jacquie Mabrook to you both,shes beautiful x
    what a cutie.... god bless her. congraudutalions. :)
    shes lovely..love the suit xxxx
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