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  • I have never met them before though x
    his family want me to stay there, it would be cheaper, but i would feel awkward x
    are we on about the same hotel though? whats name of where you are on about?x
    sbielta is that the hotel sufetula??
    is it expensive, his bro got married to his english wife there x
    Hello... how are u n bump? is ya hubby in kasserine right now?x
    my hubby's from between kasserine and gafsa, place called feriana. I'm in south wales, hopefully hubby will be too soon
    small world huh? is he from kasserine itself, or nearby? where in the uk are you?
    Hi ya......
    Yes I think this was the place you mentioned..........
    My hubby is from Cebbella.........
    Hi Jacqui0414, hope that you are in good health! Just saw your pictures of your first scan..Congratulations..
    hey hun,

    hope yr ok, I am off work today started throwing up last night, GP thinks that I may have stomach ulcers, not nice.

    Kam x
    she is due roundabout mums bday which is dec 15th, she has another girl who is 4 and she is having a girl this time too.
    cannot wait
    excellent, i have my sisters on my side at home and i can't stop looking at it :)
    your scan is brilliant and really clear xx
    Hi jacqui,

    I am good hubby is enjoying his job, he's a bit tired after his shift lol.

    It's not like working in Tunisia when you can nip home for a nap lol.

    How's things with you?

    Helen x x
    I'm sure there will be some mad shopping done when yous find out. We have agreed not to find out so I've been looking at all netral things. Have my first official scan 30 Sept should have been 9th but we going to Tunisia that day:( I've already had 4 and they have told me that if I call next Monday or Tuesday they will try to let me come in for another before I go. Got one of the fetal heart monitors its fantastic that already the heart seems so strong at only 10+4
    I'm good thanks. Trying to get ready for nwxt week. It must be grat to be that far along you can really start to hit the shops!!!! At the moment I am looking but cann't buy though its not easy to resist!!
    Hi Jacqui, How are you? Hows the pregnancy going? How long have you left now?
    Hi jacqui,

    We are good thanks, he is working away now lol.

    I am soooo happy.

    How are you?

    Helen x x
    Hey hun
    Just logged on to the site for a bit to catch up ... so thought I'd drop you a wee message!! Let you know I was here! ;)
    Hope you're keeping well, and baby's doing good.
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