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  • i am finding it so hard to get on with my life i miss my husband so much, why was he taken from me like this. i feel so alone its not fair i loved him so much. i just cant get over my loss. i feel so lost. all i do is cry , why did tjis happen to such a lovely bloke we had our lives ahead of us
    hi sylvia, yes i know the hospital just ignored his cry for help when he couldnt breath, i have complained about his treatment. i went over to tunisia to see his family and to visit his grave in november, his family are in touch all the time and keep asking me to go visit again which i will do next year. miss him so much, finding it hard to get through each day, the nights are the worse. Now got the worry about his brother as the father of the bloke whom killed him has complained to the police about him dont know full facts all i know is he needs a solicitor and as the family live opposite to where my hubby family live its so hard on them all.
    Hope you had good xmas and have a great new year.
    i have added you as a friend on my face book hope thats ok?
    thanks for listening to me
    love to you and your hubby
    jalila xxxx
    hi yes slim was his friend for yrs he says it was the hospitels mistake left him thinking he was ok,plus it was one of his friends that did it love to u xxx
    hi im sylvia ,my hubby is slim bessaoud from ferdouse jendouba, we visit a lot but live in crawley near gatwick
    ,im sylvia choudry on here but sylvia bessaoud on facebook, see me for a chat xxxxx
    Hi Jalila just to let you know that if you ever want to talk please Click on the members name and then you will be direted to that members wall..
    We are all here for you at the end of the day, please feel free to post what you like x x
    hi i not doing to bad at the moment have my good days and bad days just want to get back to tunisia to see family and go see his grave
    His family get one of his friends to txt me every couple of days and i txt them every day and that helps a little also his friend speaks to me on msn
    i am so grateful to all the kind words i've recieved on here thank you all
    Hi Jalila just checking up to find out how you are ? And also to let you know that we are all ears if you ever feel like you need to talk.., take care x x
    Welcome to the forum ,hope that you enjoy it like we all do...Please take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the forum rules,.. Thank you Tunisia.com Community - Announcements in Forum : General Announcements..
    Welcome to the forum - hope you like it as much as the rest of us do. :) Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Forum Rules.

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    Hope that you find all the answers you need. Happy Posting :)
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