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  • I had to continue,,It is far too early in the morning for me to be on playground duty , if you have a problem then by all means get in contact with any mod that you like but do not start a match.. As to what other people do in their private lives that is there business, you have already had an infraction so please let us not remind you once again about this problem..
    Please take note of the above thank you..
    Good morning Janan hope that you and your family are all in good health! Janan i do not want to get into any kind of argument with you or anyone else on this forum i have more important things going on in my life at the moment but what i do want to say to you is please stop lighting the fire, this thread was about water and then you turned in into another thing, if you would like to reopen another thread then please be my guest.. I know that you have also had a few knockbacks through to misunderstanding but i have also noticed that you also give as good as you get, so please do not insult anyone and they will not insult you..
    Hi Janan, I do celebrate birthdays but the date on here is my husbands really as the internet hookup is under his name mine is October. Yes they obviously have trouble sleeping I usually am up early as you know, except today, must get going now talk later.
    Sorry Janan I read your message then went straight and replied to one of your posts the one saying how busy you are when they said you are always online, just that you post early and they are still up from the night before lol. Hope you are well our trip was good met some new people and went down to the farm fantastic, so spacious, simple, beautiful , the people also, the women work so hard and are so happy. Hope everything is good for you, think of you walking by the gardens and cooking.
    Hey Janan, hope your ok. Keep smiling sweets x x x x
    Ok Janan, i was waiting for you before i go and start cooking, see you later..
    Hi Janan hope that you are well! I will see to it for you.
    Good morning Janan hope that you and your family are all in good health! Your welcome
    Hi Janan we are all thank you, how are you ? I am unable to save a profile picture for you i am only able to place an avator for you as that is all it will let me do, i think that there is a problem at the moment with placing pictures as soon as i know more i will let you know..Good night Janan
    I'm sorry Janan, I misunderstood you. Your comment was right after mine, so I assumed it was meant for me. I have given a public apology on the thread.
    Thank you Janan. I too thought we were friends :) I like your posts too :) I am still learning with regards to Islam but find it interesting that so many seem to have a problem with such small issues. x x
    The Mennonite lady on next orchard taught me to make bread, pumpernikel and one 3 twists, one rye, one brown one white. I was early 20`s. My Gran was a pastry cook so I learnt from her, cold hands warm heart for pastry making we used to say. Yes Arabic sayings as good as Confucious. Acicdic milk, buttermilk ? I make pancakes with ? and cakes.
    You got it girl !!! your response, how do you manage when this must be your 2nd or 3rd language wish I could, just making Black Forest cake with cherries on top .
    Hi Janan, thanks for message, we go 4am sunday been at work this week, lovely gift shop, but has been warmer than Sousse lol, yes fake I think but we must have compassion well after I have had one more say because it follows the same pattern. I mean what I say no need to be anything but straight, sometimes as friends we don`t always agree even my friends of many years but always there for each other, always very caring or am I just lucky with friends? Have a lovely weekend hope good weather lasts and you can get out for some walks maybe see your Mum? C.......
    Hi Janan hope that you and your family are all in good health! I have placed a better article for you on the news thread, hope that this helps you get a better understanding..Have a nice day..
    Hi Janan, You will have lovely window box full of colour? yesterday we took my parents through the countryside to see all the wild cherry blossoms and blackthorn hedges around the fields, sat in friends garden, one has acre or so, next to fields, and she announced her sons marriage date, so nice day.
    Our friend in Sousse has been learning to drive most mornings and then talking to Immans in afternoons. Have a good week
    Hi J, went first time when I was very young to Himalayas, I don`t have sari but in my home town there is 2km road full of sari, jewellery shops called the Golden Mile, big Divali, Eid and Christmas Celebrations, parades, street lights etc.
    Janan, two years ago we went to Rajhustan, India one place we slept was a hilltop fort, monkeys everywhere and a hugh eagle owl wingspan of almost 2 metres. Amazing places especially the buildings of the Mogul empire, an astronomical centre and the Red Fort, and the Taj Mahal etc. Of course cows rule people lol often sit in the middle of the road.
    Hi Janan, Weeping willows? willow trees that have boughs that cascade down? tree huggers are like, hippies/people into saving the earth. Lonesome Pine-from cowboy songs and stories.
    Our dances will be, candle dance, veil dance, this is Sufi, devotional dance. Two modern freestyle dances and one to music I got in Sousse. Nice if you could come and join in??? June 28th.
    Janan, you ok?
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