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    Visa application

    Put in all the details that you know and put deceased in a convenient space. Just leave passport number bit blank or put a dash and write deceased.
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    Have you looked into the Fiance visa? That would let him travel to UK before you married and get married here. There is no minimum time you have to be together if you meet the requirements - finances, accommodation, genuine and subsisting relationship or marriage for spouse visa, English test...
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    Things are ok - 4 year anniversary next week.. The baby is adorable and gorgeous -coming up to...

    Things are ok - 4 year anniversary next week.. The baby is adorable and gorgeous -coming up to 20 months. How are you and Zach and things?. I am not here so much these days as get my Tunie news fix more from facebook these days. My hubby never says much about your ex these days.
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    Self employed applying for Visa

    Both Jane and Kris would have applied under the old rules before the current financial requirement was bought in. There is a document published by the Home Office providing detailed guidance (its 67 pages long) on how you can meet the requirement. It is quite precise and outlines different...
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    Spouse visa in 5 weeks

    fab news Saule. Wishing you A great life together!
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    Immigration to US based on marriage process and timeline

    Congratulations TY and hubby. Where in the US are you headed. Will you go back to your old job. hope it all works out for you
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    military service in 2009 - buy out owing

    thanks for the advice. They never sent him a letter or anything and the charge was more than 5 years ago but he will have to have some savings ready to pay when he goes.
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    military service in 2009 - buy out owing

    my husband did military service in 2009- he was taken by force- and he served a few months but not the whole year. He was told an amount to pay to buy out the remaining service , but never paid any of it. They never asked about this fine when he still lived there and he left to move to UK at...
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    Happy New Year 2015

    Happy new year Essem and everyone!
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    Visa Issued

    Congratulations anyway Lulabex! Your new life is just around the corner! Hope it lives up to your dreams and you and your fiancé are very happy together
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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    Applying for visa, needed documents?

    I have no experience of a visa for Finland .if you are Finnish and live in Finland your embassy may ask why he is applying for a tourist visa rather than spouse visa. I would think the best source of nformation is the Finnish embassy web site and info on Finnish immigration law. good luck
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    Éducation in uk

    nej There is a lot of info about student finance on the gov uk website. It doesn't say you need a red passport. It mentions permanent settled status and I think this is ILR. student Finance have staff handling all the loans so you could try contacting them if you can't find the information on...
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    good hotel in sousse

    how come?
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    Looking for Employment

    He's working through an agency now. he had to be a bit creative with the references/experience. It's part time evening night work which suits him at the moment