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  • Hi Jen,

    My boyfriend and i got engaged in March. We are startting the process of the fiance pettion and visa and then once we get it, we will marry in theusa and he will apply for an adjustment of status. From what I had read from a post I did, Debbiezebbes mentioned you recently brought your husband to the usa. Did you marry in Tunisia or did you go the route of the fiance visa. Any advice you might be able to give me would be great.

    How are you doing!!!!! Jen I need help!!!! he send me a letter register. On 12/14. There is a major delay. So scare.
    I have more question for you! If you don't mind me asking you. If you don't mine me emailing you or I can give you my e mail.
    Hello jen!!! if you don't mind me asking u how long did the process take for you. I'm doing the I130. for my husband. Thank you.
    Hey Jenn! Yes I do..You can find me under Holly Luzader-Grafton, WV..just send me a note when you request so I know who you are haha!
    Hi Jenn!! Thank you so much for your help..right now we are trying to work on getting a visitor's visa for June 2011..any info would be appreciated! :D
    what do you like about it there???
    hey jenn :))))) lol
    Hey jenn, hows things? How is hubby settling in? Hope you are both really well xx
    Yes i can see it now but it was not there before, anyway you have 42 hours left now for your hubby to come..I noticed that you posted your post 6 hours ago , so 48 take away 6 is 42... You must be on cloud nine, really happy for you x x
    Hi hope that you are in good health! So happy for you that your husband will finally be here, wish you all the happiness nfor the future..
    Jenn what happened too your avator ? If you choose one and let me know what it is then i can fix it for you..x
    Our NOA1 was approved the last week of November. Ya I wanted to wait for my name to be changed on everything and had to wait for him to send me some originals of stuff in the mail. When did you file?
    I was going to send all of our chat logs but man there would have been sooooo many pages. I sent screen shots of the stie where we met, facebook and our msn then all of our phone logs for the last 2 1/2 years, proof of our wedding and my name change on everything. His name on our vehicle and insurance and over 100 pictures of us together and me with all of his family, and of our wedding and the reception his aunt and uncle threw for us. I sent all of my travel itenerary and passport stamps and some affidavits from friends and family.... It was very well organized in a binder... lol. Hey I am on facebook too... you should add me there if you'd like. Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
    So far we haven't gotten a RFE and I hope that we don't... lol. We are just waiting for the NOA2 letter then I'm assuming that it will move to NVC. I am new to all of this so I am kind of going by the vj process timeline... and what I receive for updates. I sent a TON of info initially so I am hoping there is enough there for our case. How about you? What did you send in with your I-130?
    I'm in California. My hubby is in Tunis.When did they receive your case? Did they approve you? Or just initial acceptance? Did they request more info from you? LOL sorry I'm full of questions
    I am from Kansas... hubby lives in Haffouz near Kairouan. Our case should be going to the NVC very soon... we are just waiting on the noa2.... I can't wait to have him here.. :) Where do you live?
    Yes we got married May 13th last year... we are working on getting him here now... I can't wait to have my hubby here... I saw your pictures... you make a lovely couple.... will your hubby be joining you here soon?
    lol, Im like that with people on here too, when i talk to them on FB i dont realise who they are. lol x
    Oh I know... good to see another American.... seems like alot of women here are from the UK. How are you?
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