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  • hi i dont provide my job and eduaction evidence o that that effect in visa decison.thanks
    hello jess :) ! can you please help me? my boyfriend is tunisian ,from sousse and he always use the word " barcha"...he explained me once the meaning but I have forgot and I don't want to ask him again:oops:

    thanks and have a nice day !^^
    hi jess,wonder if you can help me.i phone tunisia[mobile to mobile]and it costs a fortune.do you know where i can find cheapest rates? thanks for any info.you can give me.
    hi, sorry to reply late! havent been on here for a while. i would suggest looking into lyca mobile. there the cheapest pay as you go sim i have found and you can get a few good deals with them like extra credit and free internet. hope this helps :)
    Ive just bought an O2 international sim card. its 33p a min to tunisia, mob to mob.
    thank you dear jess u are a good freindxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    yeah i know that but i dont want to live there i just want to viste the place she live on and see her live there i like to get that type of visa just for viste for one months that s all so if u have any information about that visa u can help me i would be happy and thank you dear jess hope you are fine and ur bf too thank you again xxx
    I hope this helps and I hope it would be good to get you're girlfriend to help you find out the information as she has to help you apply for the visa.
    hey jess thank you i am just new here and i really dont know anythings about the visa and the paper i need i am confuse and i call embassdy and they dont help really so tell me what u and ur husband did whene u gett maried here in tunsia ok thank you hope a good day for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    My husband still lives in Tunisia and I am studying in England, so really we didn't do anything about the visa. This is our next step. Which visa are you wanting for England? The one to visit here or the one to live here? Does your girlfriend not have any advice on this? It might be easier if she has look for you as she should know what to do.
    hello jess i am mahdi from tunsia i am 20 old and i have my girl freind from the UK we getting maried soon i am just ask if you help me with some information you know about the visa application ok thank you have a good day xxxx
    Hello Mahdi, congratulations! Hope the wedding is wonderful. What visa are you wanting to apply for? Thank you, hope you're well and you have good day too.
    Hi Jess, I'm from Hull, East Yorks are you living in Bradford now or Bath? xx
    I'm currently in Bath, as I'm at uni here! But thankfully I finish in May and I will going back to Bradford xx
    Am mary ,
    i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will like to know you more and i want you to send an email to my mail([email protected]) so that i can give you my picture for you to know whom i am,waiting
    Hi Mary, Hope your well. Unfortunately I do not communicate with people outside of this forum. If you need any advice on anything Tunisia related you can contact me on here.
    hi Jess,

    i get my info from a variety of sources around the internet, and some directivly from the UKBA and the EU.

    email me at [email protected]
    Good morning Jess hope that you are in good health! Just popped by to wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns to you...Have a great day.:)
    hello jess, im new here and wud like to ask ur help on using this site, i see u r a senior member so i thought u cud help me knw my way around the site... im lookin for advice on visas for a tunisian.. i dnt have a clue where to start on this site or who to ask.. i hope you could point me in the right direction..i wud like to some one who cud tell me who have had experience, rather keep payin a solicitior for nothin... i hope u can help me.. thank u :) xx
    Hello dear
    Greetings to you,My name is Celinah, a young girl, i saw your profile in this site forum.tunisia.com and i decide to communicate with you and it will please me if you will be my friend, i wish if you will respond to my mail box so that i will tell you more about my self, i hope to hear from you.
    yours Celinah
    my email is [email protected]
    hey babe
    give me ur email and i send u pics
    hey babe, how are u? im fine, got married aaaaaaaaaaaaaaamy god was great realy, am in uk now,missin my husband..how are things with u??
    hey babe, how u doi n?? whats new, nothin new with me realy, still countin days, wen u goin again??? xxxx
    hi jess..im good thanks..me too cant wait to go, but still too far out aaaaaaaaa goin crazy smdays jus thinkin what it would be like if he was here or i was there..its hard.....hope u well and happy xxx
    hey babe, how u doin?? im fine u know same all same all, still counting lol, wat ab u?
    hey, im fine fine...not long..hm...ye only 2 months and smthin...u can say not too long haha...but at least i talk to him much, on phone and txt and online of course...do u talk much on phone as well...my bills are huge..but when u gota hear his voice, u gota do it..lolx
    hi babe how u doin? im fine..well..slowly coming to terms that i will have to wait 1 year to apply for res.card....at least its friday so i can relax and do nothin..cant stop thinkin ab it tho...hope u well and happy , when are u goin again to tn?
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