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  • where in tunisia are you getting married?
    no we marry in feb next year,so you marry in jan.... i wonder if we know each other lol
    Oh sorri i misread your message..u havnt yet married
    Im In Bottesford ..Timberlands....Wow we are so close...We are due to marry in January...and totally " shitting it" if u will excuse the expression. How did your husband settle into life in England? x
    im up on willoughby road,where are you,yes i get married in feb,what about you xx
    hi jools,silly question,reading some of the threads saw you mentioned scunthorpe,,is that where your from?i am in scunthorpe.
    hiya hun thats ok i understand i remember what its like i was like that at one point lol xx
    hiya huni,yeah night mare all of it n doin on me own lol.fam not being to helpful but hey ho life...been togetrher 13 months n hate to leave him,getting married in jendouba at the end of oct,got it all nearly but i need a dress i have 1 for the day but want a propa wedding dress 4 the night,i know u can rent 1 but not to sure about it all.where is your fiancee from?wen u getting married?il keep u iupdated...i only joined this site on sunday didnt even no avout ittill some1 said.love it thou as you can get loads of info and every1 seems nice.take care.x
    yep im still happy been married since march 2007 :), where are u from? I cant find you on facebook hun im just Jacqueline Zidi on there :) x
    oh didnt cost us a fortune hun just a very small family party ;-) i took a dress over there hun and bought a dress there to have a wedding here lol. when are u getting married? are you on facebook hun?
    hiya Joolz it was just a small office hun, we just went along with 2 witnesses and then had a party in sfax in my sister in laws house x is that where ur man is from i take it?
    I feel the same way. I have found out so much and I am glad I joined this. Have a wonderful day.
    Hi and welcome to the forum.
    I've got your email hun, so will use that .... If you go back onto the message you left me, hit edit - You can remove you email address if you wish x
    I've only been with Salem since June - But again very sure, speak every day ...Just gets stronger and stronger. Been over 3 times in 3 months!! So unfair they can't just jump on a plane to us isn't it? That's why we're trying for visitor's visa, as unfair to ask him to move here, when he doesn't even know what it's like - Hoping it won't be too much of a culture shock as it would be better all round to end up in the UK but how knows -Sometimes wish I had a crystal ball!! lol

    I've got loads of info I can share with you, if you wish? - If you want to send me your email, then I'll let you know I've got it and you can delete it - Then I can email you direct.
    But just a quickie you DON'T need to be in Tunisia 21 days before .. .. Will explain everything, don't worry ....We'll get there :)

    L x
    Currently we're just going for a visitor visa- I know hardly any get approved but trying first ... Hopefully for Xmas and New Year.

    The things we do for love 'eh? lol

    My fella lives in Sousse, but works in PEK - How about yours? How long you been together?

    Lovely to meet you x
    Hi Joolz - Just read your post, good luck with the new job - I believe you'll be fine as same job, just different club with better prospects ....The girls on here give the best advice so hope they'll put your mind at rest.

    We're sooo similar - I have the same job, and have fallen in love with Tunisian guy - Hope to marry in May 2011 :)

    Good luck with job and forthcoming wedding :)
    Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do, please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the forum rules before posting, thank you..Here is a link to the forum rules..Tunisia.com Community - Announcements in Forum : General Announcements
    Welcome to the forum - hope you like it as much as the rest of us do. :) Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Forum Rules.

    You might consider making your first post on the introductions thread which can be found here: Introduce yourself here!

    Hope that you find all the answers you need. If you should ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any MOD. Happy Posting :)
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