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    Luggage allowance

    I meant Ogre Roulla, sorry about spelling!
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    Luggage allowance

    Wow Roulla ...(the ogar really?) all that info is brill. Comng back to excess baggage though Tunis Air have now changed their policies. Having travelled many many times over past 30 years and ALWAYS having excess it would now seem that they are sticking to a non tolerance approach. Maybe youll...
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    Luggage allowance

    Not the standard fidelys card , you have to have the silver or gold to qualify for more than 23 kilos
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    Luggage allowance

    10 kilos for hand luggage they said at Gatwick plus they weigh the bag there...33 kilos for hold bag only
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    Luggage allowance

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    Gift Ideas for in-laws???!!!

    A great british teapot, perhaps something in ceramic that they could pour the green tea into for serving it plus glasses to go with it as they dont use ceramic cups usually except to serve coffee...perhaps with a tray and sugar holder. Anything in stainless steel too as its so expensive in...
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    Im going with hubby on 5 th november

    Im going with hubby on 5 th november
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    How might a Tunisian schoolteacher go about finding a job in Britain?

    Its worth looking at the website. Once you are on it theres loads of information given for people wishing to enter and live in UK.
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    FCR and Importing a car

    Importing a car into Tunisia is one big headache and to be avoided at all costs. Either that or obtain the patience of a saint. First off they change their laws constantly so be prepared for suprises.l take it you are coming in on a personal FCR and haven't bought one from someone else. This is...
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    Please help

    The first one says "l love you very much" and the second is a term used often amongst everyone it means" may god give you good health". An example for the third would be when someone tells you something and they swear on god that its true so they say Wallah.
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    Leaving tunisia for first time...

    Be very careful here.l suggest a tunisian national has a return ticket otherwise your gonna have problems. He needs to have a return ticket ,end of story
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    tunisair flight changes

    My flight was also cancelled ( tunis to Gatwick)and l recieved 3 mails to confirm this....l phoned the London telephone number given on one of the mails to arrange travel on a sunday flight and not on the tuesday, the date they had chosen for me. Over the phone they changed the flights and as l...