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  • hey hi there josephine have u been sent from god lol im desbo to get over there and money is no issue where you from im in london and when you thinkin of going?xxx
    Hi there, We are meeting up at the Monaco Building, there is a cafe underneath called Vintage Cafe, we are meeting there at 11am on the 24th April...If you jump in a taxi and ask for the Monaco building next door to the Marabout Hotel they will take you to it...Look forward to seeing you...xx
    Hi yes be good to meet up where will you be staying have you got an email address x
    Hi Josephine, I'd love to meet up. I'll be going to Sousse 25th April till 5th May & also meeting a few others over there too xxx
    He works between Sousse and Tunis but will visit you anywhere,His e-mail is [email protected] and is exceptional.Sorry didn't see message earlier.
    Hi Josie - lucky you going on Wednesday. Make sure you bring some sunshine back with you. Gimme a shout when you get back and we can catch up proper. x
    Hi Josie

    Have emailed you my new email address. Speak soon. xx
    Hi josephine,
    thanks for your message.I think families are the same all over.Either they can afford to support them if they are out of work or they cant.My man is from a big family,nearly all of them married with family of their own.his parents have nothing and he doesn't live with them.I'm sure that they must help in some way though even if it is just feeding him.I know summer is supposed to bring more work but it was last summer that his contract finished at the hospital and he hasn't had any luck since then.Still we live in hope.Take care..xx :)
    Hi As I was going on Sunday just wondered if you have any friends there I could catch up with for a coffee think I am going to feel on my own a bit with Aymen in hospital, hope the thaw has come there like here and you are able to get about a bit better now. Take care x
    Hi Josie, Of course it's OK to ring me - I got back on Sunday. Hope all is Ok with Aymen and it's not too serious. Speak soon. xx
    Did Aymen get sorted out for coming over?
    i think it will always be a crazy relationship but hey thats life for us never a dull moment!
    Thats great news!!!! I don't think he can fly from Monastir as only charter airlines fly from there to the UK and to use them you have to book a flight originating from the UK. I think he'll have to go from Tunis. How are things between yous now?
    Hi Josie!!! How are you? Hope you are keeping well. I see you were in hospital for an operation. Hope it went well and you are making a good recovery.
    Hi Delene not been on here for a bit sorry not replied before I am ok had to go in to hospital for a few days just a minor operation ok now
    Josephine, how are you?
    i have to have a small op in hospital in the next few days nothing too serious I hope! you know me will probably just book a flight when i come out i am always getting withdrawal symptoms miss everything there I am definately half tunisian.
    Things are good thanks. We heading over on Wednesday for 2 weeks if I ever get us organised. Usuaslly b now I'd be sitting with bags packed but I haven't even got the clothes washed yet!!! Will you be heading out anytime?
    Hi Josie - how are you keeping? I was thinking of you recently just the past week but honestly can't remember if I actually got round to writing you a text!!
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