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  • I am fine thank you! How are you ? If you go to CP there you will see options to Edit Email and Password..If you are unable to do this please let me know and i will help you fix the Email problem, have a nice day..:)
    wow they are taking forever for you hun :/ they received mine on 01/05/10 I got my NOA2 on March 10th
    added hun :) so what day did they receive your case? I also did the name change before I sent it :)
    Thanks for the info. :D We don't know when we're going, but it will be before the New Year. Maybe September at the lastest?? I'm good with computers, but not with internet searches, apparently?? :p Thanks again, and hope you're well. :D
    Also I sent wedding pictures and pictures for all the times I went to visit. Pictures of his family and I. My passport stamps showing how many times I had been there...skype logs, screen shots from our facebook...letters from his mom n dad and bro...my mom, bro and both of our best friends. Also a personal letter from each of us. But we pretty much live together on cam, so when they seen our skype logs...they seen they are just about 24/7. What about you...what did you send for evidence?
    Well what day did they initially get your case? Mine was entered into the system on Jan 5th... they just sent out NOA2 on March 10th...we skipped right from IA to the NOA2. NVC has the case now. And I am certainly new to this too, but I also get a lot of info from a Visa forum I belong to. :) xo
    I'm in California. My hubby is in Tunis.When did they receive your case? Did they approve you? Or just initial acceptance? Did they request more info from you? LOL sorry I'm full of questions
    I have that feeling sometimes , anyway you are more than welcome..Have a great weekend.
    Hi Kaloui hope that you are in good health! Done the avatar for you like requested, hope that is the right one..
    We just got our case sent over to NVC...so I am hoping to have him here within the next 2-3 months, how are along in the process are you?? xo
    I am great...and you? Where are you from? Are you married?
    Hey. :D Hope you are well. :D I asked a question in the legal/divorce section about translation of documents, and was wondering how you went about translating the documents in Tunis, and for how much?? Where?? If you could give me some advice/details, it would be very much appreciated. :D My fella's been in England half his life, almost, so he's not so up on Tunisian affairs, etc anymore. Lol. Thanks. :D
    nice to see another American on here :)
    Welcome to the forum even though i am a few months late...Hope that you enjoy it like we all do..
    Hey see you have been a member a couple of months now, hope u enjoy the site :)
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