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  • No jus not been on as laptop broken x
    Yes bk in uk. Get me on fb its easier x
    Hello Gorgeous!!!! Can you add me on FB again!!! I re-set my account and now i cant find you or Tam!! :eek:( Nooooooooooooooo!!! xxxx
    Hey I do, leave your name on my wall, I will delete it once I have added u x
    Hello I just read a post where you say you stayed in hotel sufetula , is that the one in sbeitla? is your hubby from sbeitla? I want my family to stay there (maybe) when we get married but heard its 50 a night? do you know what you paid and also if it was 50 a night was it pp or pr ? xx
    Hi sorry late reply what did u get from the police for the lost passport they are sayin they will just write down the ref Num on a compliment slip as it was lost is that enought what did u get yeah think it was same time they got there visa live down in glos have u applied for the visa yet what did u put in with that and where did u get form also what did u take 2 embassy to get new passport sorry lots of questions hope u and your husband r both ok
    Hi just read your post bout that your Hubby lost passport and visa mine has done the same what do you have to do to get a new one what have you done what is the cost aswell can't believe he's done it hope u can help thanx Kate
    hi, karla, we were awarded 140 per week(child & working tax) and we had over 1200 back pay and we brought a new plasma with it.so the wait does you a favour really as you will have loads of cash when they finally sort it out. i went to my local mp who also helped sped things up a little. hope your enjoyingur new life together.x
    Hey there Karla, just seen you online and noticed you are close to my age, whats your story?x
    Hi Karla hope that you are in good health! We have not seen you on here for ages...
    karla tried reply u but it says yr in box is full lol x
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