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  • Happy birthday hope that you have a wonderful day full of laughter and happiness x x
    You are more than welcome, and yes you never think that these kind of things would happen to you..Thank god that you have your family for support and love and right now that is what you need, take care and just to let you know that i am always here if you need anything..x
    PM me on FB if you want to talk *hugs*
    hi hun

    yeah, im ok just had a few things going on as my dad had an heart attack and everything with the horses and wajdi but hopefully everything is getting better now :)

    how are you hun?
    Hope that ypou and your family are all in good health! Have a safe trip and a fantastic time...
    Hi and welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do...Just looked at your photo, they are beautiful...Lovely family mashallah..
    Glad your feeling better now Lynsey, its not nice is it? Can't wait to be going, not long now. Three weeks today! Kids go back to school next Thursday and then its only 10 days, not that I'm counting lol! Will be there for the last 6 days of Ramadan and L'eid so really can't wait for Wahid's mums food, have been dreaming of it lol!!! Hows your fella, can't be easy for him! All I can say from experience is that it will pass really quickly. Take care and speak soon xxx
    hi hun

    thank you for your message, im now back at work and fighting fit :)

    yeah it was swine flu, doctor came to see me and he knew straight away, its horrible and wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy, then as i got rid of the swine flu i have a viral infection which i still have but not as bad lol

    awww the party sounded great, bet you cant wait to be back there, when is it you are going? xxxxx
    hi hun

    i cant wait :)

    cant wait to come back to Tunisia i love the place and soo happy it will be my new home in the future x

    i know, those days are long gone hun, the cost has gone up stupid and what with the recession at the moment its not getting any better :(

    Like yourself my aim is to go out their for 6 weeks - possibly 8 if i can but depends on monday and my situation with work

    cant wait for the weekend, i have a killer cold and my throat is swollen and i cant eat or drink anything cos i can swallow and im working too, off weekend so can stay in bed lol least i finish in 5 mins YAY :)

    How are you?
    yeah im working, sat at my desk in my boring job that i hate sooo much but nothing else is going at the moment :(

    wish i was going to Tunisia, you are soooo lucky :) can i come in your suitcase (needa big one tho) x
    hi hun

    how are you today? :)
    hi kate, no problem at all drop me a line anytime. we live near the ESS football ground in cite olympique, not far from erriadh really think 10 mins in car. we can see all over sousse from the roof of the house, brilliant when fooball is on.(1st match was last week) i moved here last november but have spent many holidays here over last 9 years. Last year i met makrem whilst staying at the riadh palms hote and that was it really, hooked.... ha ha i went home for 10 days and came back to spend a week with him in a different hotel. then 1 hour on the phone everynight and by august we were getting married. so i came back for 3 weeks on october 1st and got married, then sold my house in uk and left my job and came to live here.
    Its a great site, its only a pity I didn't discover it 11 years ago! Im trying to post some more pics and also one of Zachariah (he's 13 months) as Im really proud of them all. How long have you been with your man and did you meet him over there? I met my holiday romance Wahid in June 98, married him in Nov 98 (no hanging around) and we've been together ever since. Where do you live? We're here in London. x
    hya, thats not a problem! lol!

    im new here also, its great isnt it? lol! im also new to the tunisia and tunisian relationships so im certain my stories will be nower near as interesting as some on here! haha!

    your children are beautiful, was having a nosey at ur photos! lol!
    cay x
    hi hun

    Oh yeah, most men indeed lol

    what is Shakshuka? i have loads of recipes for Tunisian food but after 11yrs im sure you know them all, if you get chance would you mind sending me the reciepe for Shakshuka if possible.

    i cant wait to have a family with him, i always said i didnt want kids but as soon as i met himand i knew we was serious i did a complete 360 and now i cant wait - im sooo lucky to have him - he is a great guy : ) x
    awww thanks hun, he is a good guy, we are hoping to start a family when he come sout soo fingers crossed :)
    he was, i stayed at the Houda and he was working as a lifeguard there and it just went from there :)
    Awwww thats great hun, 11 years is fantastic and 4 kids, bet your sooo happy :)
    Hi hun

    My sister used to live im London but has since moved to Newcastle under Lyme, she moves a lot with her job but she loved London and lived there for 8 years :)

    My hope is to live in Sousse if I can save some money but I help my friend out with her sanctuary as well as looking after my own horses so my money is always spoken for but one day I will live there, I have mentioned to him about living in the UK but he isn’t having any of it :) lol.

    We was planning on this year but when they did the last round up they got my fiancée so he is doing his army at the moment and doesn’t finish till next Feb – cant wait so if we can will still be this year but possibly year after :), I would marry him today in the army if we could lol.

    Im in the UK at the moment in sunny Sheffield, or rainy Sheffield lol

    It is, it’s a pici of him at work when we met – wish I was there now with him, missing him sooooo much.
    Hi hun

    thank you for your friend request :)
    awww hun 11 years is great, do you live in Tunisia then or the UK? :)

    I cant wait to marry my fiancee :) x
    hi Katieb

    i know its late but better late than never lol

    Welcome to the forum :)
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