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  • morning,

    long time no speak, how are you?

    im coming back to tunisia soon for a week, me and wajdi have spoken and we are going to give it another go but we are going to take it slow, im sooo happy hun :)
    Hello sweetie, how are you feeling hope all is well with you. Sorry for reading one of the post. But honestly I hope all is well with you and your health. Take care!!!!XXXX
    Hi Kaylee it is so wonderful to hear from you! How are you feeling after the operation, really do hope that you are well!! It was really nice to log on and see a message from you...We have missed you so much and yes i do understand where you are coming from but sometimes it is just best to ignore situations, you see everything is back to normal now and i do hope that it stays that way, looking froward to your cheerful and polite posts..Take care x x x
    Hiya Kaylee hope that you and your husband are both in good health! How have you been? I have not really seen much of you on here x x x Have a great weekend x x
    Eid Mabrouk to you and your husband. How are you sweetie. How you been.
    hiyaaaa babe! so sorry its taken me so long 2 get back to u!! im very rarely on this now and i lmiss it so much! :( so are u out there now? im back on the 29th? will u be there? aw im glad things are good with you honey! i really need to get my ass in2 gear and make time to get on here! i've missed chattin 2 ya! :(how are things? how is married life treating ya? i will defo try 2 get on soon, my pc at home has a virus, need to get it sorted! again im sorry its been so long, promise to get on soon babe! hope all is well! kisses! xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Yeah im on facebook hun, Jo Wobblegob Webster, middle name is just a stupid thing haha! :-s

    Thanks i love looking at others wedding photos, last time i was over there we went to meet a friend of his and his new wife, the photos were amazing, their wedding was 5 days long!! bit too much for me that would haha! xx
    Hi hun,

    Just noticed you have wedding album on here but i cant see the photos, would love to have a look if you dont mind xx
    Hiya, its ok, :)

    i know i havent done anything for it yet, we are trying to concentrate on the visitors visa first! i dont know what kind of wedding we are going to have, we only want a small one, i think a few of my family will be coming over but not all of them. Aw your wedding sounds great! last time i was there we went to the wedding of one of his best friends, we got there just as they were leaving the registry and we went to the evening bit. was my first time seeing a wedding over there, i said to him, i dont want anything as big as this haha he agreed! its all very different isnt it. the cars following from the reg office amazed me lol horn n lights flashing, its loads of fun!!
    Im the same never chose the 'normal' or 'easy' way to do anything hahaha :)
    Ah thanks for talk about it, i feel the same wen anyone asks me about my fella, cant stop talkin for hours hahaha

    Thanks and you too! :) 9 months aw thats great! We are planning to get married in May next year. im really excited about it all. how was organising the wedding? and did you have a traditional one? sorry for the questions haha!
    Yes i am getting all my paperwork together to take over in October. i havent done the online application yet, only just started looking into it really, all a bit confusing isnt it! but i have my dad reading up on it all for me too so he can help haha! he is good with paperwork things! so how long have you been married? xx
    Hiya, just seen that your applying for visitors visa too, i have been chatting to Loopy too she has given me some good info! hope your application is going well :) xx
    give me 5 mins to read it lol and I will email ya x
    You can start filling it in now, and keep saving it ....Then when it's done and you're all happy you summit it and follow the steps - Not got that far yet myself!

    Just seen your wedding photos, you look lush hun - Very happy, Congratultions! :) x
    Well the way I understand it,(Rightly or wrongly - I'll let you know) Is I've printed the form off, filled in what I can then sent to S, he'll send it back & I'll submit online (As believe it or not he isn't online)
    Then once submitted you get access to the calendar to book appointment at embassy.
    I need to provide letter of sponsership, details of house, savings, job etc & will also include an internery and costing ..Think I'll put some proof of relationship in there too, photo, call records, plane tickets to prove been out there, etc ... Best to have too much than not enough?
    This is stuff you take with you for appointment, along with your passports, etc.

    Some good info on:
    Visa application forms

    The form itself on (Need PDF to read it):

    If you hear of anything else, or something I've done wrong let me know, and I'll do the same :)

    L x
    Thanks for replying - I wish you all the best for October! Should be better being married shouldn't it? Hope so hun!

    We're gathering the info now, and will submit, then hopefully have interview in October when I go over - So want to be with him, don't want to get refused because of anything I've done/not done as sponsor!

    Once again thanks, and look forward to more chats :)
    L x
    Hi Kaylee,
    Hope you're well and don't mind the random message! I'm pretty new to T.Com and finding answers as I go along, just been reading a thread regarding Visitors visas, and your post said you maybe applying for one .... Or have your plans changed, as see you're now married - Congratulations!! :) Thanks, L x
    Hey!!! kaylee, how are you doing these days. Hope all is well with you and the family. As for me I'm good. Taking day by day.
    hey hun, just got internet ~ my dau lost your addie so its still with her!!! thanks hun! i will have to see whos flying out next!!! want to kill my dau!!!!!!!!!!
    you have my num, give me a call
    hey hun i got no internet again the landlord keeps cutting me off lol have tried to message my daughter through fb to make sure she has posted card to you can u let me know if u av heard from her ta xx
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