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  • i fly out on the 14th, flyin to monistir! soooo cant wait, only going 4 1 week tho! better than nothin! ur so lucky, u must be away the guts of 4 weeks! u will hav a ball! u must be thrilled! :D x x x x
    lol, thats exactly how i was last week! like a big kid! :D just the usual, working away nothing 2 exciting! had 2 much 2 drink on saturday so thats me off it 4 a wile! lol! gonna be a gud girl! :D how about u? the 15th sept wont be long flyin in 4 ya! woo, i'll just be arriving the day 4 you leave! lol! xxxx
    yeah im good 2, woohoo, flights all booked then? happy days! when ya flyin out? xxxx
    hiya babe, how r ya? hows things? x x
    lol - you're a life saver! Oh, you've made me smile now! xxxx
    Wow, really? Yeah, defo message me later, or text me! We can travel to airport together as well if you wanna, we'll have to discuss what we can do! Ohhhh, i'm so excited! xxxx
    Hiya hun, I fly on the 15th September from Gatwick at 15.20. Is everything ok? Why did you have to change your plans?
    hiya, no problem! thank you for accepting me, lol! :)

    im fine, how r u?
    cayden x
    Hiya Hun,

    How are you? Hope you alright. Let me know when your getting married a date if poss and i will try and get over there!

    Luv ya!
    Hey hun, just read your from stanford, i live in grays!!!! How mad! Where's your man from? xxxx
    Thank you, i do try to come on every day bt when i fly back to england i cant have anything to do with anything Tunisian related, it makes me to upset because i miss it sooo much!!!
    I had a great time over the last two weeks whilst there and i met another guy, who does not speak that good english,luckly with me speaking broken araabic we manage to understand each other and im planning to go out there the 17th June for 6 weeks so excitied!!! But if you could look at my posts and maybe help me?? xx
    welcome to the forum again....
    Welcome to the forum kaylee_sassi!!!
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