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  • Hi just looked at your pictures and they are really lovely...
    hi hun

    sorry i missed your call was down at the horses, will cal you regarding Saadia :)
    Had a nosey at your wedding photos. You look absolutely lovely. I wish yous all the best for the future. xx
    hi how are you , just wanted to say you looked really beautiful and i hope u had a lovely day ... beautiful pics,xxxx
    hows it going chick??
    hi love. it was so relaxing and just what I needed.
    oh I really hope it isn't as long as all these others on the site, maybe as its an appeal it may be quicker, lets hope it is!!!
    think im coming down with something feeling a bit rough might pack up early and go home.
    are you ok though hun x worst thing waiting isnt it
    Hi , did you get the info on the holiday?

    Sue x
    thats fine as long as they get there thats all that matters babe x x and very very good luck from me
    whats happening with your paper work hun x
    Oh thanks hun I will let you know when i send it.
    i go on the 26th just drop it in to GT near you and they will develer ro me in london
    did you send me your stuff ??
    best of luck to him, at least you are both together. His application got declined for a fiance visa as we had not got my decree absolute paper and had not set a date for our wedding so i have chased this up with the solicitor should have in 9 weeks ages away it seems despite proving to them i was getting divorced but then they said no wedding was booked so we have done this provisionally for 30 Oct this year and have to reapply when all papers through solicitor asays all will be ok then x
    Working with the head chef of an italian restaurant so basically a run around lol But as long as it is bringing some money in it doesnt matter where he works

    Whens your man finding out his decision?
    Hi Karen,

    Just to let you know that if you go into your private mail. On the left hand side it will say, Veiw your profile (i think) then underneath it veiw/change profile piccy.

    I think so! Yea we are gr8n thanks! Should have a job by next week inchallah
    No ... not yet lol...and I feel in limbo ...surreal?...not sunk in yet!...will it ever ? lol
    ...pics for you Karen ... ;-) and all ok lollxxxxx
    He has appkied for fiance visa as we are not yet married.

    Hope your alright and not feeling to sick with nearves! Yea got flight sorted, booked it from this end was cheaper. He didnt need a return flight as well. He came on the 28th June, ouyr 4year aniversary lol . What is it your husband?? has applied for Holiday visa???

    Take care
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