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  • Hi KItten, thank you so much we are so relieved and elated that after 16 months of marriage we will be together:) xxxx

    we got the visa today thank god xxx
    Its praying and hoping and visualsing my husband living with me that keeps me going and I will never stop until we are together where we should have been a very very long time ago. Thanks Kitten and inchalla I will finally have good news soon xxx
    Hi Kitten I will let you know but just sick to bloody death of waiting. 16 months of marriage and no husband and I cant even go and see him till we know where we stand. I saw him 4 months ago for our wedding anniversary after not seeing him for one year due to the original refusal:(
    Hi hun, we are still waiting 8 weeks to hear from the damn Embassy. Hope you are both well...Im sick to death of being without my husband, together for 3 years and married for 16 months and still not together: ( xxx
    good luck with the visa but it is so easy nothing like settlement visa for here x cant wait fro saturday and to see makrems face when we are in france, planning A SPECIAL DAY FOR HIS BIRTHDAY whoops caps lock..
    Hi Kitten, we had to have both passports and photocopies, a photocopy of his spouse visa as this shows my name.Marriage cert in arabic and french or english and photocopies. The originals must be stamped.thats it no insurance is required as he is married to an eu citizen and halfof the questions on the form do not need to be answered. Regarding Insurance for him,its the same as for me and you , cheap on internet as he lives in uk you dont have to be a uk citizen.schengen insurance is not necessary if you live in uk. you need appt with tls in london near olympia, arrive about 30 mins early as it gets busy. Photocopies must be A4 size. good luck x
    Hi hun, Hubby submits app 13 July. i gave them 8 months bank statements all cleard showing at balance for July of over £3,000 and savings of £1,500, he has over 2,000 dinars in his bank, accommodation fully covered, Land Registry, Council Tax, utility bills, letter from dad saying he can live with us, deed, lease, plans, home inspection report, he giving them his diploma, current and past employment letter, training letters, letter from my boss, letter of support from my dad, my statutory decolaration witnessed by solicitor, his decoaration, phone bills dating back from 2008 to now, emails, love letters, conversations, photos, we have left no stone uncovered and I spoke to operator at embassy and he said there was no way we would not get it this time as well as the old ***** at the appeal hearing from the UK Border Ageny, she said with the stuff we had shown her that if we reapply he will get it... hope they dont make us wait too long, plus he passed TOEIC test and got level A2-B1
    Hi Kitten
    Sadly we were refused at the appeal. The Home Office ***** said that they could only look at documents supplied at time of refusal, so whats the point of an appeal? She also said that the documents we showed in court were good and that if we re-apply he would definitely get his visa, so now my husband is taking the TOEIC tests in Tunis on Wednesdy and we have an appointment to hand in visa application on 13 July. We have provided everything and sworn statutory declarations, absolutely everything is covered, please god let us be together at last
    Hi KItten, hoipe you and your husband are well. I have the appeal hearing in Walsall this Friday 8 April and am fully prepared. We have provided absolitely everything, lots of evidence of embassys incompetance and even had a letter from british ambassador in tunis apolising to us for the series of delays and that that the ECO who refused us no longer works there! I hope to bring you good news very soon xx
    Hi kitten thank you and I hope hubby gets well soon xxx
    Hi Kitten, hope you are well, just got news today that my husbands appeal hearing will be on 8 April in Birmingham, fingers crossed xxx
    hello love hope you and your husband are enjoying life together in the uk sometimes its hard to remember life without them here isnt it lol xo
    Hi hun,
    I sent a long detailed letter of complaint to the Ambassador Chris O Connor in Tunis about the ECO (LEE) who refused my husband and did not acknowledge the papers that would have not led to him being refused and he told me that he has forwarded the complaint to the UK Border Agency to see if they will investigate. When Mr O Connor referred to the ECO as 'former ECO' so obviously not working there now. I remember a number of girls on this forum who all said the ECO who refused their husbands was LEE and its funny how he refused so many people in such a small space of time, something stinks xxx The embasy told me that they looked at appeal in Oct 2010 after it was submitted in Sept 2010 and they left to rot till January where it has now been sent to the UK, still waiting for it to arrive and letter from my doctor saying how ill it has made me and they think that they will try and make a decision here instead of waiting for embassy again or if not hope to god no hearing
    Hello hope you are well,
    I finally managed to talk to Head of Visa in Tunis Mr Chris Perry and he told me that my husbands appeal is only just being sent this week to the UK Immigration Tribunal. My hubby handed it directly to Tunis on 13th September 2010 and it was looked at in October 2010 and been sitting on bloody desk for 3 months collecting dust. I gave out hell and have written complaints to the Ambassaor. The idiot who re-looked at the appeal obviously dont wear glasses as if he did he would have seen the evidence to support the appeal which was only a couple of things which we provided, so now I pray that the judge will overturn without having to go to a hearing.
    Hiya Kitten
    It is a bit of a pain especially because his blooming tooth is playing up, I just feel bad that he went to our local docs and dentist today and they both just said a flat no without proof of paying tax and permanent address etc, and now he is at home with half a tooth missing (not a front one thank god LOL) !! I just feel really bad for him :( but thanks so much for the info its good to know there is a chance of getting somewhere, did you do this on the fiance visa too then or settlement? x
    Hello sorry darling i havent checked my account in ages. Would be happy to help. My email is [email protected] x
    thanks Kitten, all the best to you and yours for 2011! xx
    Ah ok thanks v much! I'll need to look into it more to see if my hubby needs one. We got married in March and he arrived in Oct on a settlement visa. I'm Scottish and we live in Glasgow. I read on a thread somewhere that a residece card is useful for when he's back in tunisia on holiday, to kinda prove he lives in uk and wouldn't need to do military etc. Can't find the thread now tho :-( I'll keep searching - thanks for ur help :)

    Oh gosh - I bet it felt funny leaving ur hubby in London without u! Has he settled in well??

    All the best for the New Year xx
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