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  • Hi Kitten, hope u and ur hubby had a lovely xmas!

    Was wondering if u could help me? When ur hubby got his visa did he have to apply for a residency card when he came to live in uk? If so how did u do this? Im not sure if a residency card is something for after this visa or after ilr - any ideas? cheers luv xx
    Forgot to say that your husband can go back and forward as often as he likes on his eea permit, what i dont understand is why is he not allowed to apply until april when as far as i was aware he could apply for it any time before his permit expired????
    The best person to help you is mel love, she knows everything xo
    hello love, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but i havent had a minute! it was a nightmare waiting for the residency and took us 6 months to get, so make all arrangements to go on holiday or whatever before you actually send your application away again. They sent my husbands passport back with a letter saying a decision had been made but didnt tell us for 3 weeks that he had been given it and it was actually sent to him as just an a4 sheet of paper that is supposed to do him for the next 5 years xo

    ako sa mas? a ako vam to ide v londyne? tazko si zvykal?
    HI Kitten,

    Hope you and hubby are well. Still no news from the Embassy about the appeal:( xx
    Thank you so much. That's really kind to offer. Where do you live? Congratulations on him getting the visa!!
    Sorry was answering you and my computer crashed lol. Call the number that they gave you at the jobcenter and tell them again that you need to sort his NI number urgently. He can by law start work without it - just some companies are funny about it.

    Hubby has a joint account with me so it wasnt a problem - we just added his name to my account and made it a joint one. So both our wages go in there. x x
    Hey hun, we went to the local jobcenter and filled in a form there. Didnt take long to sort out - got the number but the card took a couple of weeks to come through. Also call the tunisian embassy in london and ask for a form for a embassy card - cost bout £4 i think. Its like ID for them here and they shud regisiter with their embaasy anyway. x x
    ahoj, napisem ti mail
    Hi Kitten,

    Thank you :) the site is great, very informative! and its nice to find people in a similar situation as myself! :)

    Jo xx
    Hi kitten and sorry for being so late to congratulate, I am very happy for you two. Hope you will be soon together. xxxx
    no tak sa potom niekedy ozvi, ze co noveho:) ja chcem ist do tunisu zaciatkom oct. su drahe teraz letenky ci nie?
    jaaaaj moja, no tak budes poriadne busy hahaha
    ale no tak ku tym postom som sa este nedostala, ja som citala len tie starsie:) super no kedy ho mas v londyne:
    ahoj divca comas nove? okrem toho, ze citam, ze stale nemas spravy z ambasady?
    Well done Kitten§ Very happy for you, xxx.
    get it posted!!!!!!!
    Hi Kitten,

    I think the embassy should be giving training on customer service skills cos their attitude really stinks sometimes. I know they cant be taking calls all the time from people phoning asking about visa cos they would never get anything done, but you would think in this day they would have some sort of system so you can at least find out the progress of the application. I know you said that your hubby would have to travel for 8 hours to get to the embassy and you dont want him doing this and then being turned away. I dont think they will do this. He has got more chance of getting to speak to someone face to face than on the phone. Maybe it would be worth a try to at least put your minds at ease a little. I really feel for you, I only had to wait a week and that was bad enough and I can see why u are angry as eea permit should only take 4 weeks maximum to be issued.
    Good luck and keep me posted on how you get on.

    Okay that's cool, unfortunately patience is a virtue I don't have! I just meant if it's gone past four weeks, I would ask the CSS for advice on how to get them to speed up! x.
    Hi Kitten, sorry haven't got back to you, have had no internet access. Contact the Citizen's Signpost Service online and tell them your situation and they will advise you of exactly what the law says and what you can do. Hope you hear something soon, the family permit seems to be something you really have to fight for but the law is on your side as you have the right to it, good ludk, x.
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