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  • Hi Kitten, I just did a search on google but not sure if im using them now very costly but looks like there all the same. They told me not to bother going for the appeal and just to apply again for another visa as the appeal can take from 6 months to 1 yr. The suggested I apply again and they would sort it and they would have him here in 8 weeks, but i have no proof of that, and that means I have to payout £1400 I just have got that kind of money at the moment. Ive since been talking to various people and been given details of a solicitor who has never lost an appeal again £800 but not sure what to do will speak with more solicitors tomorrow and get an idea of costs and then decide what to do. Take care hun an dont you worry you might get yours have you provided proof of his employment and does your bank account show that you are financial stable if it does you should be okay hun. I will post on here when I find out more xxx
    well love, am sorry to hear there is still no word from the embassy, hopefully it wont be too long now. still keeping everything crossed for you xo
    Hi Kitten, I hope you have better luck than me, I applied 8 weeks ago and im so gutted I just seen a company who can help with visa appeals and its no visa no fee so Im gonna go down that road it was so stressful going through all this to be turned down and the reasons arnt even valid as I put I had at least 700 per month over to support us I didnt have any savings though. Im gonna fight this anyway until I get it but its over here now were I have to sort it as the appeal court is in Birmingham or somewhere like that and you see a judge who decides so I need a solicitor someone who knows the legal loopholes as I wouldnt have a clue. thanks for your support hun, best of luck with your visa, Lisa XXX
    Have you been waiting that long just for an answear???!!!! what's wrong with them? I would call to ask. Iza's husband got his visa next day because they forgot to give them a very important document and they just told him to come and pick up his passport as he callled then. I really dont understand the whole situation with your employers but hope the answear will be positive. Good luck ...
    Hi Kitten, what Home Office document are you missing? Hope everything goes smoothly for you.
    Ji KItten, Just had a look on Embassy website and they say they have resumed a normal full service on its visa section, so fingers crossed they wil lnow get a bloody move on and stop playing with our lives.
    no ahoj hviezda, co mas nove. len ak som sem prisla rychlo pozriet
    Hi Kitten, how do you like living in Tunis?
    Happy birthday!! :)
    Happy Birthday hun have a great time xx xx
    16th august!!! Really hope you hear soon xx
    I reckon they will stick to the maximum targets as they will want to get back on top of things...whats an EEA permit? I hope you hear soon hun!!! WE have asked our travel date to be 6th of Sept which is only 3 weeks after our appointment...Its because of his job offer start date...I hope they take it into account but highly lever arch file of supporting docs is fit to burst now and still need to add more...think i'll ave to give in two lol!!! x Keep me posted on how you do xx
    Hi Kitten, there were appointments from 16th-19th August and i didn't check September. So you have submitted already? i think that despite everything they are working through the backlog efficiently sharing their time between the new apps and the backlog if you know what I mean...I guess your one of the non backlog apps? Does any of what I'm saying make sense lol xx
    Which paper kitten? they ask for stuff they're not supposed to, don't give up, you have to fight them! x.
    i hope they foget about the papers you dont have and give it to you on what you submitted, if they dont give it to you this time, get the paper you need and apply for it straight away, dont lose heart love, you will get there in the end xo
    hiya love, how do you know that you are missing something did the embassy ring your husband? xo
    goodness love, its awful that you are having to wait so long for an answer from the embassy about your permit, the waiting time should be days, not weeks, but the embassy in tunis are a law onto themselves, i will keep everything crossed for you and hopefully you will receive the answer you want soon xo
    hello love, the permit is a page stuck inside his passport xo
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