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    There are pet shops in sousse. You also have the problem of conditions/heat as for example my French Bulldog in the UK would die quickly in the heat so anyone getting a flat faced or really thick coated dog is being really selfish. Personally I would rescue a nice dog and given there are loads...
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    It is better to divorce where you are normally resident. so both in UK > then UK If he is Algeria and you are in UK and he has never lived here with you and has no money here > Divorce in Tunisia If the marriage has been registered in the UK then I would divorce in Tunisia and also...
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    Requirements to move to Tunisia?

    Without knowing the details for example what country you have nationality, if you have an income etc etc Without that information nobody can give an answer to this.
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    My brother is fleeing Libya and right now he is in Tunisia

    You best best would be a bigger franchised agency like Techocasa or Remax Both have branches in Tunisia. That still does not cover all bases another safer option may be to buy a new build property from a developer. But you always have to be careful at every stage.
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    Driving from Tunisia to london

    Interesting given the number of saudi and uea cars driving around London I dont see the Issue. You will need EU insurance for the car and also have the items required in the car for the countries that you will drive through. For example triangle/breath testers/yellow jacket etc etc You may...
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    I found love

    Sometimes For example my wife was able to study for a masters degree in the UK based on her Tunisian degree. However it will vary subject by subject or by trade (in the case of vocational qualifications)
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    I found love

    First port of call you will either need him to come visit on a vistors visa* or after you get married. If he works in anything professional (over a few thousand dinars a month) with a contract and savings/house and not as a bar man / animator with no savings or contract etc etc a visitors visa...
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    is he a loverat?

    I dont think my opinion will do anything. Young folks should be having fun and doing what is best for them....wasting time on intercontinental romances... eyes open I agree if its fun its fun. My wife is and was very beautiful she could leave the house today and find a richer man before the...
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    is he a loverat?

    Do you have loads of money? If you are like me at 19 you probably dont. he definitely does not. You are 19 so dont waste your time its Saturday go out and have fun dont waste your time being faithful and lovely-dovey to some guy miles away. You mum is just being nice western mum she knows...
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    Schengen holiday Visa

    Vague post as at the end of the day you need to state what visa situation he is in. If you want a nice holiday then you can go to a country like Turkey where the visa situation will not be so difficult. For example my wife and I (she is Tunisian) used to go away with e Schengen EU visa no...
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    Do you both reside in the UK. If both sides do not agree then Tunisia is not the best place either it will immediately be complicated. If the answer is both in UK living/working then as you live here UK is best as you are more likely to be able to enforce court order here.
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    FCR/RS Confusion in Tunisia

    I think in the UK you will pay taxes but you will have a bit of paper with those taxes clearly set out. In Tunisia I got on well with all aspects of the administration.... aside from douane when it came to the car. Everyone wanted money and I got a different answers all over the place even...
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    What is "normal" for a relationship with a Tunisian man?

    I am sure there is. Heaven hath no fury like a women scorned. And it does seem like a lot of women are scorned on holiday in Tunisia. I do not agree with it but it exists but the naming and shaming etc and more salacious stuff is better catered for on the TLR website. What amazes me is that...
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    I met this gorgeous tunisian boy

    I missed the part where this is anything to do with me?
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    Decree absolute from Tunisia required to remarry. Please help

    So i take it your divorce was in Tunisia presumably due to your husband divorcing you in absentia (ie divorce without you being there). I take it your divorce is not registered in the UK either. It should be a case of instructing a translator like Ramzi...