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    I need Tunusian support for translation

    "Sorry I didn’t do it on purpose"
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    Required Documents for Marriage

    Well I never had a license. I had the forms and CONI from UK and the documentation in order required by the registrar in Tunisia. When we did the marriage contract and that was that (registered contract with my embassy after) The advice i would give is speak to the registrar who will be in...
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    Why you married a tunisian man ???

    I think the key is in the name Bezness Its transactional Offer ...... Acceptance ....... consideration (money) ...... relations Believe it or not I also know some naive Tunisian boys who have been dumped by older ladies for younger/better looking models. Its not a great situation so if...
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    How do I cancel my Tunisian nationality.

    That would take years and a successful asylum application etc etc I do not know the law regarding making yourself stateless. It is known that some illegal immigrants destroy their documentation when they get to the UK the theory being a country cannot make one stateless so if they do not know...
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    Absence outside the UK for 7 months

    I do not know you situation to comment. If your visa has the right to work then until that is cancelled/expires then you have the right to work. Put it this way if you camefor a job with your visa/card and showed it to an employer that would be good unless it has expired.
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    You can try to divorce him in Tunisia but you will still need a Tunisian lawyer and a court part. Give Ramzi an email or contact him on facebook Its going to cost money... not Uk money but some money as you would be doing like Tunisian men do when...
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    Absence outside the UK for 7 months

    Yes you would need to get a lawyer in the UK and then they can speak to the police on your behalf. In the absence of that they would not have been able to just cancel your visa so it would be best to come back if you intend to stay in the UK...
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    Holiday in uk

    Sorry to be so negative. For example I own a hotel here in the UK and employ 30 people its been trading for years. I have a self employed friend in Tunisia married two kids no criminal record wanted to visit me..... he got rejected. The answer was you need to show that you have a steady...
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    Holiday in uk

    UKBA website. Its very hard to get a visitors visa unless he has a good job with wages and savings showing that he could afford the trip himself and would return ergo he would probably be able to come on holiday to uk without you.
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    Marriage Documents advice

    First port of call is to speak with the registrar where you are to be married. I had all the right information when i got married and then the registrar started to make requests for the information how he liked it. Ask him/her first and then come here. For example my Tunisian registrar wanted...
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    RAT OR NOT???

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    Is it worth trying?

    Dont let yourself get snarky you are better than that. Please feel free to cite the high court ruling to which you refer. The cases from around 2014 required the non EU spouse to have a resident card in an EU country. The original post "I’d really like my Tunisian boyfriend to see my life in...
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    RAT OR NOT???

    Loool Who knows Sorry but this sounds like a joke tbh 5 kids and 17 year age difference? Its such a reckless, impulsive, selfish indulgence I cannot call this a scam this lady is no better than old geezers in Thailand. I just hope the 5 kids are over 18 as one would hate to see their tax...
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    Is it worth trying?

    I am not saying it is not. But again if you are talking about using this Article 8 route its not easy. Additionally in less than a few months any money invested may be wasted. For those wanting a spouse visa... and to do this via EEA you will have to move to a EEA state for a certain period...
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    Is it worth trying?

    The UK is not in Shengen it may not even be in the EU in a couple of months time. What you are describing it the surinder rule Not easy to do if using to come to UK