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  • Feeling good and alive
    Hey Latisha - I haven't seen you put up any posts are you doing? How is your summer going?? Any trips planned to Tunisia? I hope all is well with you and your daughter...take care!
    I would LOVE to hears some stories! :D I haven't been there yet but I'm planning a trip in September! I'm so excited. I'm from WV. It's nice to meet you!
    Hey Latisha! Glad to see a fellow USA lady with a Tunisian! :D
    aslaama, i too have daughters, 6,7, and live around the sousse area. welcome!
    Im still writing my dissertation (book) now, it just seems to be going on and on lol school is aiight just got another couple of months them im done for a year before i go back again :( lol
    lol just private messaged you chick...he still hasnt formally asked me yet so he is still my boyfriend...still have to wait a year for that at least
    Gotta get to bed - getting close to 10 pm here - my bedtime!. Talk again later ok? Take care of yourself!
    OK 65 days - so that will be around the middle of February then? That is good. How do you think your daughter will like it here? Will she think it is funny to see cars driving next to donkey carts?? Ha,ha. I did! How old is she anyway? Where is your husband from? How long will you stay? Sorry about the work thing - it is hard to find work here that is for sure. I see all the university students all the time and then hear how there is no work for them when they graduate! Yikes!
    Oh I think there is more than one here! Sometimes i feel ike this place is almost like high school was - backstabbing etc.. Yuck. Who was rude anway? How's life? How's the husband? Anything new with him and the work thing?
    Hey there - are you online right now? How are ya?
    Hey girl - how are you? What is new? How's life??
    Hey Latisha! Thanks for all your comments on my pics! The doors are just a Tunisian thing I guess - I read once that the outside of the home here is not something they care much about, all the "wealth" is on the inside. BUT I guess you can have a fancy door to show people what you got inside! Ha,ha. Sorry I haven't answered your message - I have a problem with my computer - it is so SLOW! I think I have viruses - gotta get it cleaned up. How are you? What is new with you and your DH? Take care and talk again soon!
    Hey you - hello back at ya! I will answer your message in a few minutes ok?? Have a great day.....
    hey lattie
    oooo your moving next year wooooo lol...what news have you got for me chick?
    Glad things are going good for you!
    muchos love
    id think u will have to do private lessons
    and been in tunisia u will be spending money every step u make so if u r saving person souse is not the place cause u always will look like a tourist (prices high allways for tourists)
    hii thanks for commenting my pictures :D xx
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