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  • hi laura how u doing with your appeal???????...........xx
    thank you so much Laura for ur reply ... it was really so kind from u ... Hope ur husband will got the visa in next time .... Wishing u all the best xxx.
    Hello Laura, Hope u r ok !!!!
    iam really so sorry that ur husband was refused for the visa ...
    i hope u might be able to help me !!! i have been given a job offer and i know from ur post that this was one of the reason why ur husband visa was refused, i was hoping that u might be able to tell me why so i can tell the man who was offered the job how he need to whrite my job offer and anything else he might need !!!!
    thank u Laura and i hope u will got ur husbands visa in next time ...
    many greetings
    Hi Lynne did you hear anything yet? I am going crazy waiting for an answer. Lets both hope we both have good news xx
    my number is 07927198310
    laura can i ask u what actual docs did u give to embassy??????
    So sorry for you sweets i can help when you get your heart and head sorted hugs xxxxxx have a good cry scream we are all here for you xxxx
    hey lynne i have been trying to reply toyour message an cant seem to find your visitor messages on you page its like it disappeared so hopefully ucheck my page but yes if you give me number i will give u a text xxxxx
    hi laura if i give u my mob num will u send me txt tomorrow to let me know whats happened????

    wow thats great news........fingers crossed for u both.....how long have u waited now??????
    did they not tell him anything?????
    Hi Laura

    Completing visa app at the moment was wondering did you put anything in the additional information bit not sure what to put, cant think today at all. Hope you hear soon about yours.

    i see stephstanly got her visa in 19 days.........whats happened with ours??????
    r u ok.......my hubby not talking to me, and i cant contact him bc he has no fone.......xxxx
    hi laura just found out its bank hol today in tunisia so no calls again for us today.....xxxxxxx
    hi laura, let me know when u get news from embassy please.......surely they must come to a deision very soon. tc,.........xxxxxx
    hi laura...marwen out of hospital but couldnt talk to him as i was working lastnight, so hopefully will get to talk sometime today and hopefully on msn tonight.......xxx
    marwen was in hospital last night with stress but out this afternoon...............xxx
    Hi Laura, was just looking on site and noticed you are waiting for Visa, Im still waiting for B3 but should get it in nxt week or so. So gonna do application straight after that Im going over 9th June with all my paperwork and we are both gonna go to embassy. We didnt want to apply until we got the B3 as it can take awhile its actually taken about 8 wks just to get that. Just wanted to wish you all the best with everything. I will be flying from Manchester to Monastir I thought we may bump into each other but just realised your from down south so probably not, anyway take care and good luck, Lisa x
    hi laura any news yet????.........i called my HR dept at work today 2c if they had heard from the embassy, but nothing. also keep checking on visa4u but nothing.......my hubby is having so many problems at the mo with family etc and he is really low.just wish he could get that call soon with a yes so i can take care of him.im just so worried about him............xx
    can i ask u something...when u completed hubbys application, what date did u put for him to come to uk?......dont u think this could be the delay and the embassy will contact hubby nearer the dates????
    my date was 23 may, just put this date as i thought it would give embassy time to concider approvel or not.......xxxxx
    marwens friend was killed last week in a road accident,,,,,makes u feel hopeless when u not there to comfort them.......xxx
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