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  • honey dnt mind me askin but how much did u pay in gbp for ur visa i paid 680 gbp on the 2 march what did u pay and wen? soz just had a big row with hubby as someone just told me it was 580? :(
    do u have kids with ur hubby and what job will he be doing when he comes here? i have just opened a new food shop so hubby will be stuck there helping me lol.x
    north herts im not in tunisia but i wanna be there with hubby wen he comes over here its easy for him with customs! will be flying from heathrow will cost around 250 for me and around 125gbp so need to start saving like asap! its cost me so much.xx
    i have also been lookin at flights for my hubby lol... im not in tunisia at moment an i dunno if i can afford to go out there to collect him no others hubbies done it on there own so my hubby will more than likely do same lol.. x where do u live hun im lucky heathrow my nearest airport x
    i have been looking at flight with tunisair lol egar or wot have to o from london hrow, you do knw you have to come home with hubby from tunis? just letting u knw,xxx
    i know i hate him being ill but to be honest he not bothered by it. lol.. i think u will get urs first or maybe both same day lol depends how busy they are... i just hope it takes 3 weeks like they have been an if sooner the better.. i got married 20th september so just over 5 months x
    arrrrr bless not fair i hate it wen lil ones are ill its so stress ful, yh its nice to have someone to talk to about the visa! ummm wonder who will get theres first its so bad init i hate it trying ot think bout it tooo much, how long u been married i got married in sousse on the 14th feb,xx
    our visa appointment was tuesady so its been a hard week just trying to keep busy, hope ur son is ok wots wrong with him if u dnt mind me askin babes,xx
    Hey, how did everything go? :)Are you living in Tunisia?
    I am right now a bit confused. Marriage plans. I am truly happy and in love with my tunisian bf but I asked him for time to think about it. If we have children, they must be muslim, I find it difficult to think of that as I would not consider converting. He says he rather marry me and not have children than having non muslim kids. I love him, I want his childen, and I also find Im too young to take such decision. Our relationship cannot survive much longer we got to the point of engagement or marriage or the end.I dont know what to do. Any suggestions?:confused:
    hi hope all u try 4 u get i totally understand wot ur going through im applying in 20 days im like a stress head right now its the most hardest thing u must do, i also will be getting married in 14 days time. good luch to u.xxx
    Aaaaah lovely pictures, you look gorgeous, congratulations to you both x
    your pictures are stunning love. Congrats xx
    following you guys on new year wish me luck and give me advices lol :)
    Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do...
    lol... it has got easier now.
    hi hun

    how are you? told you in a few days you would be whizzing round like you had been on here agaes :) lol
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding
    How you doing hun? Any more thoughts on what your gonna do?
    i know the feeling hun but after a few times using the forum you will be whizzing round like you have been on here ages but it does take some getting used to :)

    if you need anything, im here :)
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