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  • hi leanne, im going through the same thing......i put up a new thread 'who are these people'......got to the stage now where ive deleted all my msgs and dont really like to comment on a thread now......hopw it sorts itself out.....take care.......xxx
    Your welcome sweets i think your a credit babe going to tunisia on your own to try and sort things out and being strong and happy xxx
    Hi just wanted to leave you a little note i am so sorry to hear your news you sound strong and i hope it continues i always hate to hear how they can treat you after all the sweet talk hugs and kisses to you xxxx
    hi im sorry but u heard wrong i dont have any apartments to rent i wish haha sorry again
    hi hun, i am so glad you are sorted for when you get there! i am still going to worry so please let kaylee know as soon as u land ok babe! i will be thinking of u loads and i really hope it all gets sorted out. and remember dont settle for crap or 2nd best. you need to be no 1 xxxxxxxxx
    hi hun! my laptop is broken i think has a virus! and im on my mums but no msn! r u ok?
    yea whats your msn?
    well annibee is going tomorrow aswell babe so if anything happens you should try to contact her as in a emergency she would help u as she is a wonderful lady. ahh honey i feel for you, i understand u needing to go to find some answers etc. so have u text him to tell u his flight etc? i cant beleive him tho! 4 years is along time to be together and him do this? how did u find out?
    omg leanne! how did u find this out? omg i am really feeling for you right now. i wish i could give u a cuddle. r u still going tomorrow? what a horrible thing to be going through. if u want to call me you can x
    Hi hun,

    Hope you are ok, not long now eh, i can't wait till next sunday.

    You look after yourself xx xx
    i know how you feel, i went through something similiar last year - but he was american:))
    You are more than welcome hun , when you get bored of it we can always change it for you :) x
    Hi Babes! oh i am so sorry I just got home and my comp is playing up! it wont let me log into my email! GRRRRRRR i have not forgotten about you! r u ok? any new developments babe?
    Hope that this is ok.
    I will ask the moderators and get their opinion on this for you x
    I just know that Kris the webmaster asked this person to advertise on the classified section, but since she wrote to you , you can always ask for the price and also ask members on the forum if they have been to any of these accommodations just to be on the safe side x x
    Good morning Leanne hope that you are in good health! I know that you must be worried this is natural, but it is also 4 years of your marriage, i always like to think that people can sort out their marriage if they really work hard at it, of course if there is a women then that is a different matter all together, but in your case it is different.Give it your best shot and there is nothing better than talking to your husband i am sure that this can be and hope that it can be sorted..Glad that someone is looking for accommodation for you just for back up x x
    I know my first thought when u posted was dam where is kaylee when u need her and i know how close u r and speak and i just wanted you to feel like u had someone to talk to in her absense. i know i am noooo substitute as she is amazing but i thought i could try to make u feel a bit better honey! i gotta go bed as i am up at 6am but ill email you tomorrow. keep strong have a good night sleep and keep thinking posistive and remember your amazing and he is the lucky one to have you.
    i know sweety id love to chat. well whats ur email add and ill email you tomorrow honey for our numbers etc and can speak that way if you want? i really am thinking of you hun and i hope that he will be there for you on sunday. i really do. i cant beleive he is acted like this and i cant beleive him at all.
    no sorry babes! i had too many problems with it so deactivated! i have msn tho! r u ok?
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