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  • Hi love I am fine thanx dont get on here much now my msn is [email protected] if you want to add me i am on there much more xxx Take care
    Hi Lesley, just been reading yr hubby is from Gafsa, my boyfriend is from Gafsa so i feel i have something in common with u. Hope u dont mind if i ask yr advice about a few things. Did u take your own wedding dress or hire one there, if u hired is this easy to do and where did u hire it from? look forward to yr reply
    Hi lesley welcome to the forum - sorry I'm late in welcoming you!
    Yes love anytime you need to chat drop me a line its good to know there some one in the same or nearly same boat wish i couls afford to be there more than i am but things are complicated with me having custody of my sons little girl. Take care xxxx
    Hi Lesley welcome to T.com. I am in Leeds too and my man from Douz not far from Gafsa not married yet will be going over soon if he gets refused his holiday visa. Hope your visa gets granted this month xxxx
    hi there
    im totally lost on here
    it says leave a message on the introduction forum
    ive searched high and low and cant find it i wrote this and it ended up on mine
    im sure i will sort it out eventually
    Welcome to the forum, hope that you enjoy it like we all do..Just a tip if you want to place a message on someones profile for them to see just click on their name and then enter the message..:)
    hi there to everybody
    well im new to this siye and just wish i had found it a long time ago as i had so much to sort out and deal with by myself, but now i know where to go if i have any queries
    hope to speak to some of you soon
    ive been going out to tunisia every 6 weeks for the past 2 years
    i met a fella on the internet and eventually went out to meet him
    we got married in august last year, what a head ache, now all the messing about with the visa
    he got refused and has his appeal about 23 march. fingers crossed he will get it, i hate all this back and forth to come home alone
    I felt exactly the same when I joined!!! Have you been going to Tunisia for long??
    welcome to the forum lesley and tunisia.com hope you enjoy the forum and i look forward to you joining in the conversation. cheers, mezoo
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