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  • here is the link to the candidate intsructions.just checked website and he will prob have to get a score of 4 but i will try and confirm that out tomorrow at work. i will ring them i have to!!!!


    UK Border Agency | Approved English language tests for partners

    hope this helps
    Ticket to Tunisia going for £150 7th Nov

    Hi to everyone, hope you are all well. Just briefly I have a ticket going for £150 return for 10 days. My daughter was supposed to be coming with me but due to exams being done at school its not a good time if anyway is interested please let me know asap, no time wasters please. You could send me a private message to arrange things.
    sorry for such short answer, something was occurring here lol
    weather is a grey day today, yes i like the relaxed way of life, but so many nasty things have happened its left a nasty taste in my mouth ~ will be glad to go ~ you know how it is when you are half packed ages before a hol lol you just want to get on with it lol thats where i am now mentally!!!

    have you got the appeal date? he might need that English test ~ I know ~ more expense ~ there is always something!!!
    can't think of anything off hand hun!

    good luck with it
    hi hun,
    now theres a question ~ if you are re-applying, which means that you are starting all over again, if the B3 is within the last 3 months when you have the APPOINTMENT it should be ok i would think, but if its over that ~ it might be wise to get another one ~ just so that the ECO can't say they don't know whats hes done recently ~ tough question to be honest, cos it doen'st state how old the B3 should be, you could argue that the british equivilent ~ the CRB has to be not older than 6 months ~ so the B3 should be the same?

    I would think it will depend on when the ORIGINAL B3 is dated and when your next appointment is?

    dunno if thats any help?
    Hi Lisa,

    As a matter of interest who was your ECO at the embassy, my husband was refused by LEE as a number of people have been. I think this guy is up to something maybe on commission to keep saying No to us.
    Hi Lisa

    I have been reading through your posts...I'm so sorry about your visa refusal. It has really upset me as we got married a week ago and are just preparing our documents now.

    I know this is a difficult time for you but I wondered if you wanted to chat etc about experiences? Maybe you can help me and vice versa? We will get there eventually x
    yes, I was just checking through your contacts so I thought I would have a nosey lol
    whats the email I couldnt find it?? the solicitor said it would take around 6-9 months for hearing, hubby so down about it, i feel is might fault as I didnt worry about me bank statement really and didnt think to look through it to be honest, also I thought I would be okay as I work, with gud salary and my own house, and there are people that are not working and get theres that doesnt make sense to me.
    hi hun, its says u r looking at my album and im here on urs lol
    there is a contact email addy in my contacts ~ you can email me anytime.
    good luck with the appeal.
    Thanks for adding me as a friend ... Nice to have the support, and to chat to like minded people.
    I really hope your appeal goes through quickly and it's not too complicated ....I'm not much use in the sense not been through an appeal, but if you ever need a chat or a rant please let me know.
    Hugs x
    Hi Lisa..thanks for ur email..pls do let me know which solicitors u using..incase i will need them...anyway hubby doesnt realy need proof of employment..as we applied for eea family permit.all he needs is passport and passport pics,and birth certif. although we provided a lot more than that..gud luck with ur appeal xxx
    hi lisa...not a problem..which service,who u using for the appael..no visa no fee??? can u give me info on them...in case i need it too? was alraedy lookin but couldnt find nothin..thanksxx
    hi lisa...so sorry u were refused...omg..as im waiting for our visa any day now...cant stop thinkin that we might be refused as well..can i ask when did u apply??? i wish i could help u or support u...cant imagine how u must feeel now...im preparing for it too...hopefully the appeal will bring better results..
    hey hun,,, i just put bout my little boy being really ill an under hospital just anything they didnt really ask in application... it took me 10 hours to complete form... but our wait is nearly over hubby goes monday at 2... good luck hun xxx
    i replied to your post :)
    hey lisa, application has been sent just waiting, but would be different circumstances than yourself unless your irish my husband is algerian, we had to apply in egypt so different policies to UK. i can help if you need any questions but may be different paper work to UK visa
    Hi All,

    Anyone flying from Manchester on 9th June for 1 week, submitting all visa docs this time, I was gonna post put I thought what the hell if I find a cheap flight Im gonna not seen hubby since Feb so missing him so much and I can stay with him so no cost for hotel. M still not got b3 but hoping between now and me june 9th he will get it, please god. Anyway would be nice to meet up with anyone that is travelling on that day, hate travelling on my own cant wait till Im bringin my hubby back with me, anyway get in touch if you are travelling same day, wud be good if your travelling back same time, Im only going for 1 wk, so back 16th June. Hope everyone is well and good luck to those waiting for decision on visa, I wish you all the luck in the world..

    Lisa X
    hi lisa, thanks an w still waiting for visa 9 weeks tomorrow lol its taking its time we lucky i booked hubbies appointment an he got it 2 days before he went embassy. what time is ur flight into monastir. dont think i get there till bout 3 im not sure on flight my dad dealing with it all 15 of us goin. xxx best of luck for b3 an when u apply. xx
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