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  • Goodnight Mrs Love , sweet dreams to you and all the Loves x x
    not sure of the yipeeeeeeeee..........but im sure u will be the first to know where its a yes or
    haha.....know havent heard a thing yet and ours was in a day b4 atench.........nothing i can do but wait. its lovely to see these people so happy, i just want it over with now so i can make other plans for the forth coming future ie plans for hubby here or appeal..its been so long now, 10 and half weeks but im not counting on good news..........hope u ar ok and thanks for concern...........u r a gem....xxxxx
    My Salla is Orange but i am getting fed up of the colour to be honest, Light orange at the top and then a sweet orange at the bottom...I love terracotta , orangey colours me, i like warm vibrant colours x x
    You have made my mind up my sweet friend I will come back. Luv ya xxxx
    Hi Mrs i wish that my husband liked painting but he don't and ours needs doing badly the lot..Hope that you both have fun and that you got Rad the right colour , you don't want to come back and see the wrong colours on the wall x x:)
    Hi my lovely friend, Well I think I might come back and chat with you, I miss all the laughs we had together, and Dolly. I dont know that many on here now!!!! Ill come back for you. XXXXXXXX
    Hi Mrs Love, Couldnt help myself,lol getting so fed up with these stories of them doing this!! Poor woman.....Im happy to chat with you ANYTIME and have missed you too. A big hug xxxxxxxxxxx
    Good morning Mrs Love hope that you and all the loves are all in good health! What a horrible day it is outside today, lets hope that it picks up during the week..x x
    So glad that you had a great day, fish and chips , did Rad have his harissa:D x x
    Good morning Mrs Love hope that you and all the Loves are all in good health! Yes children do grow so quick, my son is wearing small mens in everything and he is only 10 going on 11..Of course your son is handsome , his mum is beautiful ..Really happy that Rad got the job for good .. We are all fine thank you just doing a few things and then off to the park as it is a wonderful day x x
    Hi Mrs Love hope that you and all the Loves are all in good health! x x
    hi im ok...just dont no what ive said or dun wrong, and yes got enough to worry about at the going to delete my membership soon.....had enough of it all....thanks for your kind words and
    Thank you for your kind message, hope that you and your family are all in good health! My mum was so shaken up bless her, not so much because of the money but the thought of someone slicing your trolley open with something sharp..Thank you Hun x x
    cheers chick, i couldnt of done it without the help from my friends but im glad i did. i love tunisia, im not gonna stop going cos he was a prick! lol x
    thanks hun, xx
    Hi Mrs Love hope that you and your family are all in good health! I am just checking to see that you are OK, nothing but the best for you x x
    Hi Mrs Love hope that you and the rest of the Loves are all in good health! Just popped in to see if you are OK x x
    hi.... .i did have skype but didnt use it so i uninstalled it last.week
    hope u and family are ok.......take care......
    Hi Lovely one - I'm still feeling fragile some good days some bad but overall I'm starting to feel a little better. I met Paula the day after I got home. Just a few hours but it was lovely to see her. I'm sending emails in the next few days as I feel I can cope with it now. Love you to pieces xxxxxxxxxxx
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