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  • Hi did you get my message? are your apartments available? Look forward to hearing from you Liz x
    hi, im interested in renting your apartment for maybe 1 week in may and 2 weeks together in july! what would the price be? you can email me on [email protected], thank you lizzilou.
    hi lovedup. im kerry and im intresded in renting your apartment from the 4th sept for 1 week then again in december but the price is a little steep for me. its a very beautifull apartment and much better than one's i have stayed in before but i wondered if you would negotiate the price? thanks x
    hey loved up
    first i want to say congra for ur hubby and now life is start well he is lucky he jump this step and now u got whole the life in front of you both ...
    well i just want to say i'm in his situation now but i dont got ESOL test bkz my english level is very hight (level 7 actually) so i will go to the life in uk test but i'm quite confuse now i dont know what is the paper works i need and how much i have to pay ..
    plz if u have any idea just let me now thanks lots
    best regards
    Hiya, to be honest i gave my apartment up at the begining of the year as i was worried about what the furutre would hold. Since then thou I have had many enquiries and could have rented it 10 times over. I got alot of repeat clients which helped but had to thrun them down as im no longer doing it. The best thing for you would be if you could find a long term renter which is what i am doing now. Things may get busier for you when summer comes and if you can put a sign out in the balcony for passing traffic to see, i think these cost 10TND to have printed. Long term renting is easier for you and a lot less hastle as some tenants can be just awful and messy!!! I hope this helps you and if you need any other help let me know. If I have any clients that want hammamet area I will pass on your info if you want to give it to me. xx
    Salam lovedup, thanks for your message. I viewed your apartment it's beautiful mashallah! But we're looking for somewhere with outdoor space that is not overlooked. We found a place in Manaret Hammamet, do you know anything about this area? The owner says it's 5km from centre. Is it nice location? Also reading your posts it sounds like you know the area well so thought i'd pick your brains if i may. I'm getting a bit worried as a few members are posting comments about safety etc. Our plan is to have a base around Hammamet and then visit inland and the south of Tunisia from there, however now i'm worried if it's going to be safe to do that now after reading some posts. I would really appreciate any advice you could provide. Thanks so much x
    Thanks for the info i will let you know .Im off to Tunisa 3weeks at the end of April but may book with you later in th e year i will email my friends with your info .
    Hi lovedup, do you have a website address for your appartment in Hammamet as im interested too :) x
    Hi Lovedup hope that you are in good health! Thank you for your link it is very nice x
    Hi-Hope u ok.Can i ask a question about ILR.Do we have to give them 3-6 months bank stmts.xx
    Thank you .xx
    Hi.Congratulations again for getting the ILR. My hubby is going for it next month and we don't know what to do-go to London in person or post the application form.Did you write a letter with application.My hubby cannot find work here too.Also fees going up 6th April-typical.xx
    hi lovedup..have u got email? would like to email you about the issues you started in your thread..
    hi hubby got similar issues finding job here..hes been here 1.5months,not able to find nothin and also people here are so racist..when they see hes from TN..they reject him automatically..makes me crazy coz its so unfair..he jsut wants to work..anyway good luck to ur hubby hope he find smthin soon xxx
    Hey just came across one of your threads, well the one where your hubby got visa... well congratulations :) I know I am years behind, but when I read that thread I felt the excitement, hope all is still good now :) x
    Hi Loved up hope that you and your family are all in good health! Hows your beautiful little man coming along, i bt he has grown, mash allah he is so so cute..x
    Lovely photos. What a beautiful baby, a real cutie. Congratulations. xxx
    Hiya just want to say your wee boy is absolutely gorgeous i want one :)

    congratulations to you and hubby. all the best for the future. his absolutly gorgeous x
    awwwww he so cute. congratulations to u and your hubby best wishes to u all
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