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  • Aahh i love flying woth BA so glad that i have booked with them now.. Hmm im going to be staying either at houria palace or kaiser.. More likely houria palace though as thats where we met and its our year anniversary on the 4th may... Yeah we will try and arrange something for sure babe!! xxx
    Hello hun!! Where will you be flying from and to when you go over next hunnie xx
    hi lorraine just to wish u luck for today, hope everything will be ok. chin up bc im thinking of u.....xxx
    oh im not talking to him again......lol
    hi lorraine how are u?
    just had a msg from a woman who also lives in sunderland, and she is getting married next month....so this is great news for our hubbies if they all get visa's. she also is alot older than her bf, but arent we all....its a tune thing.......lol........bless them.
    im not talking to my hubby at the mo...havent heard from him since fri, but i did tell him to fck off and made him promise not to contact me again.....xxx
    Hi loss did you say that you lived in newcastle, if so whereabouts. I got married in july last year we applied for hassens visa on the 28th sept and got the visa 24th october so it was very quick. yes hassen loves it here and has settled really well. keep in touch
    hi loz
    thanks for email. i will try to call u at weekend.
    my number is 5486809.

    spk soon
    yes that would be great for both of our hubbys as we just live up the round from each other. where in washington do u live and what part of tunisia is your hubby from.
    i got married 29th sept last year and going to embassy 29th this month to submit paper work for visa......my blike will be over the moon now that he will have a tunisian friend so close........hope to hear from u soon..............lynne..........xxxxxxx
    Oh sorry babe, see you have the same name on both and i still get confused lol im useless at this stuff lol sorry babe xxxxxxxxx
    hiya, thanks for adding me x
    Yeah i know what ya mean babe, i was spending £5 a day on phone card and then plus the credit on the mobile to cal the number on the card lol Yeah im now top up £30 o2 and use the £30 credit to call hubbby after so in total 360mins, then £15 tesco which gives me 75 mins from theat and then i still got £30 free credit to call and text my friends in the uk... Yeah defo both proof that after an a***hole there can be love and happiness in tunisia.. Oh im getting so wound up with all the b****y comments!!!
    Hello hunnie, yep loads of stuff flying around, not good, it really annoying me though as tunisian people and culture seem to be getting really slated and its not fair, not all tunisian are bad!! Argghhh!! Erm i used to use phone cards hun but thats well expensive, i now have the o2 your country sim which is top up £30 get 200 mins free for international numbers, so tunisia and then the £30 credit for your mates or it 50p a minute once the mins run out.. And i also have a tesco sim as it triple credit so i top up £15 and get £30 credit to call uk numbers and text uk numbers and then with the £25 its 20p a minute to tunisian numbers, hope that makes sense hun xxxx
    noticed u lived in Hammamet for a year lucky u :)
    Aahh i have only been to hammamet once and that was only for a copule oh hours when i went with salim to do a show.. But it looked so beautiful.. I have always been in and around sousse, i used to stay there three months and then three months in the ul i did that for nearly three years with ex.. But i stay alot in tuniss now as thats where my husband lives but il be i sousse for 5 days in may treating ourselves to 5 nights in a hotel.. Dont i only got back on the 5th feb and it feels like ages!!! I live in essex hun u? xxxxx
    Hi ya Lozz hope your well and happy hun!!
    Im good thank u just missing my husband like mad, but thats normal now lol..
    Oh i get confused with who i talk to to between t.com, tlr and facebook, sorry if i get muddled.. OOhh i go on the 25th how long you there for? Where abouts in tunisia will you be? xxxxxx
    Hi lozz, thanks for your reply i would love to know more about and you would be good as you only got married in sept. I was wondering how i can message you privately as i am not sure how to do it on here your advice would be very helpful. thanks jenny
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