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  • have tried to txt u but got no reply am really worried about u r u ok xo
    Hi Lynsey, sorry just worked out how to send you a message, wow I know I have blonde highlights but what area are you looking for? and what is your budget like, I have all different places so let me know exactly what you looking for and I help you out!

    Take care
    Hi Lynsey, want to wish you the very best but just wanted to ask you to take every consideration for safety. I am just back from Sousse, last week was fine during the days but people are all in their homes by 8pm. We had to promise our friends not to leave the hotel after dinner. We had rented a villa in Oct. but did not feel safe wandering around this time. You will be keeping up to date with Roulla and Kris`s postings on events today. My good friend was taking part in protests today in Sousse, we did see some last week by the police station also. They have got a bit heavier today.
    Things have changed dramatically since you were last there hardly any tourists at all so be careful won`t you. All the best ....
    need to save this

    Yes my love, there is a lovely little restaurant called el ons, it is run by a guy called monser, if u call in and book a table, and drop my name, tell him you want to make it very special, he will give you a brill service and really look after name is Gail xx
    hi misiss
    i thought that i had replued but obviously not- am dooofus!

    im in west coast of scotland an hour from glasgow.

    was living in khsema, sousse with fiance u til it all kicked off in january.
    im in tunisia every 5-6 weeks stayin with his family in a small village near monastir.
    going over 29th may for a week.
    planning to get married lat july then vis app.
    he is working for family and doing up a house for us there.
    think thats all.
    hiya, yes i've been to turkey before when i was 16. :) it will be nice to have a change from tunisia for once x
    We'll see. I am not so sure that I want to apply for the ILR at the moment.
    So, can you share what was in this text ;)?
    hi lynsey
    im fine and just giving my tune man a hard time on the phone, haha!
    how life with you?
    when are you back in tunisia and where?
    where in the uk are you?
    I hope so hun. I think it depends how many applications they have to look at How are things with you and Wajdi? Vxx
    hi lynsey
    just seen your friend request - you ok?
    hi lynsey,nice to hear from you again. How are you ? we are both great thanks. I am sopleased for you both, take it slowly and one day at a time i am sure it will be fine, you cant stop loving someone just like that, and some things are worth waiting for. we were back in sousse in april just for a week visiting. when are you planning on going over ?
    Wow, thats great news hun, glad you're happy! :)

    Thank you, Daivey is nearly 6 months already, its going soooo fast! I did put a few photos of him on here the other day, but can't find them now! xx
    Hi lovely, how are you? Not been on here for ages, so thought i'd just pop by and say hello!!!!! :) xx
    hiya, that's good for you and i guess it will be strange after not seeing him for 2 years but i hope it works out for you :)

    i won't be in tunisia in july as hoss only came to the UK in february so he's not ready to go back home yet, and we are going to turkey in june for our holiday :) x
    Me too. Touch wood we get the ILR and then we get a last minute deal to T. I will need a holiday by then if the stress of it all hasn't killed me LOL :)
    Hey Hun, I'd like to go to T tomorrow, But, we have the ILR to pay for this year, so more chance of being struck by lightning LOL :)
    Hi Hun, sorry just saw your message as I haven't been on for ageeessss.
    When do you go to Tunisia?
    morning lynsey next time Im in sheffield I will deffo arrange to meet up for a coffee ..take care xsr
    hi lynsey so happy for you ..glad to see you back and your life starts from now ..xxscarlett
    I dont go til the end of aug wish it was sooner bet you cant wait to go again and when you arrange your wedding make sure its at a time when i will be there cause i would really love to be there. Our laptop is going away tomorrow to get fixed thank goodness and we are no longer able to go on the internet at work so dont know when il be on again hope it isnt too long in the meantime be good lol xo
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