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    hi Fady, sorry for my late reply, i am from Tunisia, living in The Netherlands.

    hi Fady, sorry for my late reply, i am from Tunisia, living in The Netherlands.
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    Setting up a company as a foreigner

    Hi Alexander, Are you still into setting up this business in Tunisia? If yes please feel free to contact me as i can consider partnering with you on this .... Rgds, Makrem
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    Cheap calls to Tunisian mobiles????

    I think the best way to call from Tunisia to Europe is to use the Public Phones (Taxiphone ) that's what i do .... just you insert few coins (3 or 4 dinars ) and that's it Makrem
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    diar andalous

    Hi There, It's one of the Famous Abu Nawas hotels chaine .. it's a very nice hotel ... you gonna enjoy your stay there .. the food is delicious there and the service is top cheers Makrem
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    Bringing bits in to tunisa

    You can easly have food in the airport ... you don't have to bring anything with you .. Makrem
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    dollars or euros?

    RE: dollars or euros? Hi there, In the past the Green was the king ... but the Red kicked him out ... if you need my advice ... Euro is the king nowdays :) Wanted ... and costs good when changing it in Tunisia So EUROOOOOOO Rgds Makrem
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    Exchanging Monies / using credit cards

    RE: Exchanging Monies / using credit cards Hi there, Change is simple and easy ... in the centrum of each city there are plenty of banks ... there can you change ... in the hotel as well ... in the street but it's illegal .. you can make more money by changing in the street ... but...
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    Monastir Questions

    RE: Monastir Questions Hi there, Taxi is used only inside the cities ... but you can use the Louage ... it goes from a city to another ... So simply you can take the louage from Monastir to Tunis and once you are in Tunis you can get a Taxi to Bardo ( by the way it's a wonderfull musuem...
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    Daughter on Student Exchange

    Daughter on Student Exchange Hi Everybody, I've been studying in Tunisia for more than 18 years ... i got my master in tunisia .. i know the tunisian schools and universities ... i know how people think etcc ... Let me tell you that you daughter is going to have the attention and the...
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    Monastir to Tunis

    RE: Monastir to Tunis Hi there, Nobody use a Taxi to travel from a city to another ... because then it costs too expensive, mostly we use the Taxi's in the city, because they charge people by meter ... and that's expensive ... However for travelling from a city to another you can use ...
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    Getting Married In tunisia

    RE: Getting Married In tunisia HI everybody, I just wanna say that i've been myself also through all those shity procedures ... i know that it looks hard when you start thinking about it etc ... but once you start, it will take a while and it'll be done with the time ... it took me almost...
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    topless in monastir????

    RE: topless in monastir???? I wouldn't say it's a problem to be topless ... may be i even think it's nice ( for men :)) , but if we gonna think about respecting other people and other cultures .. i would be a little bit carefull with this ... i mean if you are in a place surrounded by tourists...
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    RE: Health Tell us what you would like to know ... if you have any questions please feel free to ask and we will try to advice .. Rgds Makrem
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    RE: question Have fun :)) a lot of fun :) and bring a lot of pictures :) Cheers Makrem
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    Help please!

    RE: Help please! It's for sure safe .... i think in the evening is safer than during the day ... in the evening is cool .. during the day is too hot for a kid ... for everything else .. don't worry about anything ... just go and have fun man :) Cheers Makrem