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  • I thinkme and u are in the fireing line, cos weis TAFFS lol x
    PEED RIGHT OFF. Why wud i lie!
    Just incase i did not say it before, Congratulation Marhaba to you and your husband , i wish you both all the luck in the world x x
    Think I missed it as I've not been around here for awhile...Congratulations on your marraige. XX
    How are you doing. is been a while hope all is well with you and your love ones. Just waiting for my husband to have a complete family for this coming year. Take care. Can't wait to go back to Jendouba.
    Hi Marhaba, I'm really good thanks and hope you are too. Weather is roasting - really warm at the moment.
    When will you next be here? Would love to meet up with you. Will email my number to you if that's OK? xx
    Hi Marhaba how are you doing ??? I have not seen you on here for ages, are you in Tunisia now? Take care x x
    How are you!!! how is it been going for u and your love ones. when are you planning to travel to jendouba.
    hi yes im flying frm brum 8th may do you want to meet?
    Hi Marhaba,

    Thomas cook are stupid. I ended up slamming the phone down on one of their customer service agents yesterday. I had made three phone calls yesterday, and was still not getting anywhere. They kept on saying they would send confirmation via email in fifteen minutes, and didn't do it. Grrrrrrrrr! I should have everything booked before you go. I think you gave me Riad's mobile number when I met you, it is still in my phone under N,lol.
    Hi Marhaba,

    I rang them at 9 this morning, they said I should receive everything via email in fifteen minutes. I logged onto my email, and still had not received anything at 1pm, grr! So rang back, and spoke to someone, and the woman who had taken my booking spelled my name wrong, got my email address wrong, and my postal address. I should have known, as she tried to quote me the wrong price too, and I had to correct her.Anyway, I got the documents via email, only to find, they had not included the extra baggage I paid for!!!! They are driving me up the wall. I booked for the 18th May.

    Will you still be there?

    I haven't paid for my hotel yet, but will do so when I get paid at the end of the month. Hopefully we will be in the same hotel.
    I booked my flight for Sousse today. I am doing it separately, as I couldn't get the hotel as a package on their site. Anyway, did the booking over the phone, gave her my credit card details. She said she would call me back, as she had to confirm the flight with the supplier. However she had taken all my details, and said they needed to do this before the flight was confirmed! She said she would call me back within five minutes. She called back in half an hour, and said the ticket information would be sent to me via email in fifteen minutes. This was at 5.00pm. I have received nothing via email!

    Is this normal?

    I hate hassle with these guys, and my preference is to go into a shop and get it done. I chose to do it over the phone, as my local Thomas cook was quoting £30 more than the online price.
    Hi Marhaba,

    Thanks, I will go into my local Thomas cook shop tomorrow, and see whether they say the same thing. Bloody hell, why are things so difficult.
    Hi Marhaba,

    I won't be going until after 15th May. I rang Thomas cook today, to get a quote on my holiday. I told her I wanted flight and accomodation for me,and accomodation for him only as he is in Sousse. She told me she could not book accomodation only for him, as he had to be a UK resident!!!!

    I told her that was not true, as I knew people who booked from the UK, and she said she was not allowed to do it.

    How did you get round this????
    Hi Marhaba,

    I am fine. Counting down until I can get away. Still haven't booked yet, will leave it till the last minute.

    Have a good week.
    Hi Marhaba,

    Hope you are well.

    Can you tell me which are good clubs for R&B in Sousse, please?

    Which hotel do you prefer the Tej or Tour Khalef?

    When I spoke to William, when I saw you, he said he preferred Tour Khalef.
    Hi and thnx! I'm still trying to find a way how to move there.. I hope i could move in summer 2011!! :)
    How are you doing!!!! I stayed in Simitou hotel. price i don't know. Cos he paid for it. But is was ok. The man was nice to turn the hot water every night so i was able to shower.
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