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  • Question!!! do you know any home that rents in jendouba. I don't want to stay in hotel again. LOL!!!
    Happy for you!!!!!! My hobi papers are in process. just waiting for it. So i can go back to see the family. I won't be there for our first anniversary. Cos soon I will also be a grandmom. 2011 is giving me to new family member in my life.
    Thanks Marhaba, but if you find your one before you go, please let me buy it.
    Hi Marhaba i am so happy to hear from you , hope that you are in good health! I have not seen much of you about, what have you been up to ? x x
    I would pay for it Marhaba, because I asked you for it. I would feel bad just taking one from you, sweetie.
    Sometime!!!!! soon Just don't know when. Have a full plate this year. Soon to add a new family to my family tree. Going to be a grandma next month. LOL!!! two new member to my life. Hoping is not in the summer don't like the hot weather. When are going back. Did you get married. Take care. Sweetie.
    Hi Marhaba,

    If you do find one I insist on paying for it, otherwise I won't take it.
    Hi Marhaba,

    Do you by any chance have a spare Tunisiana sim that you can sell to me, please?
    Do you have a Tunisian phone number, or do you use your UK mobile when you are out there?
    How are you doing. Is been a while. Hope all is well.
    Hi Marhaba,

    8th of May does sound good. The problem is I think I come on that week,sorry giving you too much information,lol. I don't like to be on holiday when I am on. So, it will probably be the week before or after. Probably the 15th May, as that is looking cheaper now. I am going to leave it till last minute, in the hope that prices drop. Those fuel charges are a bummer. Your'e right, £200 for the week isn't bad, I paid £170 last year December.
    Hi Marhaba,

    I had a look at prices this morning, and this is what I came up with for one person on HB, for a week, only.

    1st May-£462

    8th May-£200

    15th May-£225

    29th May-£313

    I have only been to Sousse Twice, in two years. You lucky duck, ten times in two and a half years. I really wish I had booked, when William did for you.
    Hi Marhaba,

    I think William was really lucky, as the prices have definitely gone up now. Bloody hell, I should have booked when he did, but I have been looking at prices every day. I think I am going to leave it to the last minute now to see if they come down.

    How long is it that you have known your fiance now, and how many times have you been to Tunisia,lol.
    Hi Marhaba,

    Really hope to see you when I am there. Will let you know once I have booked. I am leaving it to the last minute, as last time I got a good deal when I booked a few days before. The first time I paid £330 for a week, last year I paid £170!

    You got a brilliant deal, because I have been looking at prices, and they are now £250pp for a week, not two weeks!!!!!!
    Hi Marhaba,

    You lucky duck, William has sorted everything out for you. Yes, hope to stay there, if things don't kick off again in Sousse.

    Who did you get your deal with?

    Thomas cook?

    Belated congratulations, when is the wedding?
    Hi Marhaba,

    I haven't booked yet, but hopefully either the first or second week of May. Hope I see you at the Tej. Have you had no problem booking your room for you and R together, or did you book two separate rooms?
    Hi Marhaba,

    I am going back in May too, if things don't kick off again.

    Will you be in Sousse or Jendouba?
    Hi Marhaba,

    I am sad I met you on my last day. I had seen your dad before in the hotel, and remembered his face from the year before.

    My friend told me that she heard Bora bora charge 100dinars to get in,pmsl. I told her that was not true. I will tell her it is 10 dinars,lol.

    When is your wedding?
    Hi Marhaba,

    Hope you are well.

    Do you have any idea how much it is to get into Bora bora disco, a friend wants to know, and I have never been there,as I always go to Sousse in the winter.

    Hey!!! lucky lady. I hope you have a wonderful and magical x-mas. Boy!!! I wish i was there also. Haven't gotten any snow, but is really cold. In the Big Apple. Take care.
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